It’s almost 8 PM and as per usual I am the last person still at work so I have decided the Uggs are coming out.  (Also, please note the red pants worn to bring holiday cheer to the work place.)  I have also decided to take the picture on top my recycling bin to promote going green.

In case you are irritated with the multiple blogs on my uggs – be happy you are not my Hubby whom was forced to deal with my pity party, or my coworkers that must devote at least 5 minutes during each non-work related conversation to talk about my uggs.  *Which was a huge blessing as one of my staff told me that since I was taking them home for Christmas and they were a present to me after all – I should wrap them up so that I can have more presents under the tree to open on Christmas day.  Fabulous idea!

Mom – do you have a large box…?  I have some wrapping to do!


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