Disaster has struck my room!  So the main reason I came back to Hawaii for Christmas (not the main reason of why I wanted to be in Hawaii for Christmas, which was… Hawaii.  Christmas.  Enough said.) is because I had to sort through and pack up all the items in my room because this may be the last time I see my childhood home – as the house is being put on the market.

As a teenager this is how my room actually looked most of the time (yes, go ahead and pity my parents), but I’ve gotten much better in the last 10 years and so it really irritated me to live in this pig sty for the last couple of days as I was wading through 27 years of stuff.  Finally, 3 days and 3 very late nights later, my room is completely packed up.  Sad.  But a relief to be able to see my floor again!


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