Lilly, the amazing accounting doggie.  But by 7 PM she had had enough of being in the office and was letting us know.  I told her I know how she feels.  I think that we should always be allowed to bring pets to the workplace, it definitely made working through the weekend more entertaining.


Meet Lilly – our team mascot, or so I’ve dubbed her.  She came to work with us today and brought a huge smile to my face all day… which was definitely needed to get me out of my miserable depression that had set in after 4 weeks of busy season.

Top Chef Recap

I was looking over my posts for the lasts few weeks and even I was bored and depressed to see that I’ve had nothing to write about except for tv shows and how miserable I am working the hours I am currently working. So with that in mind I’m posting this week’s insights to Top Chef because I need a breather to make up for the fact that it’s 11 PM on a Friday and I’m still working (pretty good huh – I managed to whine about work while talking about tv shows).

1) I didn’t care for guest judge Scott Conant who (at least in my opinion) seemed pretty cocky for someone whom I’ve never even heard of before. At first I thought he at least could claim that he had dated one of the Olsen twins, but I think that was a different Scott…

2) This week was a Top Chef all stars episode where they brought back previous season’s contestants. I think the problem with this plan was that they didn’t bring back the best chefs, like Faux-hawk Richard and Marcel: the original Hung, both of which would definitely have done a lot more damage.  Although, I was happy to see Spike and his boy “I have a culinary boner” Andrew back on the show.

3) I’ve been rooting for Carla to get kicked off the show since day one mostly because she 1) seems like a genuinely nice person (nice people don’t make for interesting reality shows (cue: Speidi)) and 2) extremely nuts… she explained to the judges last week (when called out for sending out crappy food) that she was sending out love… whaaa?!  But last night I decided she might be one of my favorites – I don’t know why – she hasn’t changed at all, I just realized I appreciate the nice-nuttiness she provides for my viewing pleasure each Wednesday night. And then during the very episode that I decided I would root for her, she won.  She got 2 tickets to the Superbowl, how amazing is that! I’m so happy for her… it’s good that I’ve changed my mind about her, otherwise I’d be pissed.

4) Fabio – I’ve always thought he was awesome (I’d vote him in as fan favorite – if I cared enough to vote. You never know – I might…) because he’s absolutely hilarious. However, he is on Ryan’s team so I don’t actually want him to win… or at least I didn’t until last night.  He mentioned that his mother’s sick and he wants to win to help out with medical bills… awwww, well how can I cheer against selflessness.

5) The cheating… this was last episode but as I wasn’t interested enough in last week’s episode to comment on it – I’ll add it here. Throughout the season they have been building up this “connection” between two competitors Hosea (from my team) and Leah, even though they both have significant others. And last week they kissed… dum da dum! They had this huge build up to it and afterwards they both spent the last 2 episodes whining about it. Get over it! Yes, you are a horrible person who cheated on your significant other on national TV and now they are probably mortified… shut up about it! Now, before this sounds incredibly insensitive – please know that although obviously everyone thinks that cheating is bad… I think I get more upset than most people. I get morally offended if someone cheats in a book I am reading – and don’t get me started on movies. But the problem is, they had this huge build up followed by all this whining – and not a lot of footage of the action. The camera angle was horrible, it lasted less than a minute and most of it had to be left to your imagination, which couldn’t be that crazy since you could see their non-entwined bodies from the chest down… what kind of good entertainment is that I ask?

6) The bottom 3 was an absolute catastrophe for me tonight: Stephan and Jeff (both my team) and then my new fan favorite Fabio. This was a lose, lose, lose situation for me!!! They kicked off Jeff – okay, he does cooks Eurasian-ish food – which is my favorite, so I’d probably like his food the best, but personality-wise he was pretty boring.  So I take the loss and now it’s back to a tie between Ryan and me over whose cuisine will reign supreme?… oops, wrong show.

7) Aww – my favorite chef (in terms of personality – I haven’t actually eaten at his restaurant ever) Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin is going to be the guest judge next week – IAMSOEXCITEDICANNOTWAIT!!!! From the previews for next week it looks like I will not be disappointed.  Toby Young calls him Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Loves it!

Why I love snow days (aka working from home)?

1) Sleeping in longer – since I feel I still don’t have to start working until 8:30/9:00 I can sleep in all the way until 8:30.

2) No makeup, no shower, just glasses and pajamas

3) I set up my “home office” on the kitchen table – this means I’m about 1 yard away from the fridge… this is dangerous

4) No one to tell me I can’t order my sushi tonight!

5) Best of all – all day hanging out with Kittehs! Or just 1. The kitchen is also the coldest area of our house – the thermostat read 64 degrees when I first set up shop (I’m blasting the heat now so hopefully that will change soon) but Spam refuses to leave the warmth of the bedroom so it’s just me and Sox, who is being adorable in my lap when she isn’t trying to type on my laptop.

Lack of dinner options near my office + closed minded co-workers = sad me at dinnertime

Coworker: You haven’t gotten to choose where we order dinner from in a long time, where would you like to order from tonight?

Me: Nice!  I want to order from [chinese / japanese restaurant that has decent sushi].

Coworker: We can’t order from that place, we just ordered from there last Thursday, that’s having too much chinese / japanese in a row.

The reason I am pouting that I didn’t get my own way is because check out what we’ve been eating so far:

Week of 1/12:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: Italian

Tuesday: Japanese / Chinese

Saturday: American

Week of 1/19:

Monday: American

Tuesday: Italian

Wednesday: Italian

Thursday: Chinese / Japanese

Saturday: American

Monday: American (it was Outback but I’m calling it American cause I have an Aussie on my team and although she loves the place, she has confirmed that it is very not-Australian)

So which of these items does not look like it was ordered from as much as the others?  AND they all were excited for Outback because it was Australia Day yesterday.  But it was ALSO Chinese New Year!!!  Shouldn’t we get to celebrate that too?!

I can’t wait!!!! 26 days to go! The Oscars are my Superbowl. I have to tune in to watch all the pre-show festivities and plan themed-appropriate food! Sometimes I play Oscar bingo or other Oscar-related games. These look fabulous, Smoked Salmon Oscars for the Governor’s Ball.

Did you know that employees from the PWC LA office (they audit the Oscar votes – how cool is that – they are the first people to know the winners) have often gotten to be seat fillers in the past. Meaning that if Angelina Jolie won an award she would go backstage after her speech for interviews but they can’t have empty seats on camera so they have these seat fillers that take over the vacated spot. Meaning that you could be sitting next to Brad Pitt on one side of you and Tom Cruise on the other side (I’m just throwing famous names out there – I don’t really care for either of them… Tom is psycho and I’m on Team Aniston). Anyway, that would be so awesome. Too bad I have no plans to ever work at PWC LA.

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