I have decided that in honor of not wanting to be known as “the-girl-who-let-herself-go” at my upcoming 10-year high school reunion, it is time to return to my pre-full time job / pre-marital bliss body.  As the last year of trying fad diet after fad diet did not produce the greatest results (basically because I kept quitting) I have decided to do the one thing I’ve never tried before, eat healthy.  This is what I typically eat.  Yes, I’m subscribing to that crazy notion of eating healthy foods (eww veggies) in small portions several times a day… and accepting the fact that one of these meals should be breakfast AND that a 20 oz bottle of Diet-Pepsi Cherry does not constitute breakfast.  My timing in this decision isn’t the best because for the next few months I will be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at work, which does not bode well for the new and healthily-improved Sonja version 2.0.  Therefore, cue my brilliant plan.

Each Sunday (or Monday in the case of this week) I will make enough food to provide me with 5 healthy meals for seven days straight.  This means that everything in this picture was cooked on Monday in order to provide me with food for the entire week.  I got to the supermarket at 6 PM and was done cleaning up the huge mess I made in the kitchen after many labor-intensive hours of cooking by 12:30 AM.  Also, our refrigerator can now double for an ad for gladare as I divvied up the different portion so that each morning I just have to grab my 5 meals already set to go.  I hope this plan of mine lasts longer than just this week.


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