I’m so full, I’m going to explode.  We did so much damage here tonight.  It’s one of those sushi places where the sushi is placed on different priced plates and goes around on a conveyor belt.  Your bill is calculated but adding up all the different plates.  So embarrassing, the waitress almost dropped all of our plates because we ate so much.  I love this place!

I guess I’m not over my first “love” yet

Hubby: It’s a very sad day for you.
Me: Why?
Hubby: Your boy got married.
Me: Ooh, who got married?
Hubby: Tom Brady.
Me: Shoot! Well, now I don’t have a shot with him.
Me: Thank God! I thought you were going to say Prince William. My heart almost stopped.
Hubby: Who?
Me: Prince William! Of Windsor?! I don’t think I could handle it if he got married.
Hubby: (Roll eyes and walk away)

How to tell we are not ready for kids

Me: So how does [redacted’s] baby look?
Tiffi: Um… squishy.
Me: Is that the scientific term? Seriously…
Tiffi: I told you… squishy.
Me: Okay, but is he cute?
Tiffi: Well….. he’s squishy.
Me: You are a wealth of knowledge today.
Tiffi: I’m telling you… I’ll send you pictures, you’ll see. He’s squishy.

Working for the weekend

In high school I had classmates whose parents were the forerunners to the parents on Gossip Girl.  You know – kids who received convertible Mercedes in lieu of eating dinner as a family on a nightly basis.  Unfortunately, I think I picked up a few things from these people… just with less disposable income.  So instead of obtaining a less stressful, less time-consuming job, I am planning a romantic getaway for me and the hubster this weekend as an “I’m-sorry-I was-MIA-for-the-last-2-months-at-work-while-you-juggled-work-and-school-and-taking-care-of-all-the-domestic/house-responsibilities-and-the-kittehs.”  Now brace yourself for the crazy locale… (this is where the “less disposable income” part comes in).  We are going all the way to NY, a full 20-minute-drive away.  But I’m super excited!

I even sucked up my hatred of doctor visits.  I’m pretty good at self-diagnosing myself and therefore feel it’s a waste of time to spend over 30 minutes in a waiting room to only spend 2 minutes with the doctor just in order to walk away with the exact prescription I already knew I should get in the first place.  But in honor of romance, since I thought being the-kleenex-packing-runny-nose-coughing ball of fun I’ve been for the past week wasn’t quite so endearing I even paid a trip to the doctor yesterday in order to get antibiotics and therefore feel (and hopefully look) semi-decent for tomorrow.