Yay Ralphie May

The Hubby and I are waiting for the Ralphie May comedy show to start. He is hilarious, i’m so excited!


Iphone Luv!

I just spent the last 5 minutes playing with an iphone in the apple store.  I can’t wait to get mine.  9 days and counting!

I’m so full, I’m going to explode.  We did so much damage here tonight.  It’s one of those sushi places where the sushi is placed on different priced plates and goes around on a conveyor belt.  Your bill is calculated but adding up all the different plates.  So embarrassing, the waitress almost dropped all of our plates because we ate so much.  I love this place!

I guess I’m not over my first “love” yet

Hubby: It’s a very sad day for you.
Me: Why?
Hubby: Your boy got married.
Me: Ooh, who got married?
Hubby: Tom Brady.
Me: Shoot! Well, now I don’t have a shot with him.
Me: Thank God! I thought you were going to say Prince William. My heart almost stopped.
Hubby: Who?
Me: Prince William! Of Windsor?! I don’t think I could handle it if he got married.
Hubby: (Roll eyes and walk away)

How to tell we are not ready for kids

Me: So how does [redacted’s] baby look?
Tiffi: Um… squishy.
Me: Is that the scientific term? Seriously…
Tiffi: I told you… squishy.
Me: Okay, but is he cute?
Tiffi: Well….. he’s squishy.
Me: You are a wealth of knowledge today.
Tiffi: I’m telling you… I’ll send you pictures, you’ll see. He’s squishy.

Working for the weekend

In high school I had classmates whose parents were the forerunners to the parents on Gossip Girl.  You know – kids who received convertible Mercedes in lieu of eating dinner as a family on a nightly basis.  Unfortunately, I think I picked up a few things from these people… just with less disposable income.  So instead of obtaining a less stressful, less time-consuming job, I am planning a romantic getaway for me and the hubster this weekend as an “I’m-sorry-I was-MIA-for-the-last-2-months-at-work-while-you-juggled-work-and-school-and-taking-care-of-all-the-domestic/house-responsibilities-and-the-kittehs.”  Now brace yourself for the crazy locale… (this is where the “less disposable income” part comes in).  We are going all the way to NY, a full 20-minute-drive away.  But I’m super excited!

I even sucked up my hatred of doctor visits.  I’m pretty good at self-diagnosing myself and therefore feel it’s a waste of time to spend over 30 minutes in a waiting room to only spend 2 minutes with the doctor just in order to walk away with the exact prescription I already knew I should get in the first place.  But in honor of romance, since I thought being the-kleenex-packing-runny-nose-coughing ball of fun I’ve been for the past week wasn’t quite so endearing I even paid a trip to the doctor yesterday in order to get antibiotics and therefore feel (and hopefully look) semi-decent for tomorrow.