If only I could score this well on my licensing exam.


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Happy lolcats Monday.

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The story behind our kittehs is that Sox was found in a dumpster foraging for food before being found and brought to the animal shelter. Spam on the other hand was born at the humane society (his mother was brought in while pregnant) and has never needed to worry about getting his own food or the dangers of the outside world.

I’m thinking this may have led to the fact that Sox has the ability to sneak up behind you without making a sound, scaring you half to death when you finally realize she’s there. Spam meanwhile makes that cat, Miles, look like a professional stalker.  Needless to say, Spam will not be scaring anyone soon.

Please please please please please come true!!!!  Now I absolutely LOVE living in Stamford, but it’s not exactly known for its crazy debauchery.  I would be so very proud to call Stamford my home if Jerry Springer sets up shop here. Throughout high school and parts of college I dreamed of flying out to Chicago just to be in the audience at the Jerry Springer show.  I planned on calling the 16-year-old-girl-pregnant-by-her-own-brother-or-her-mother’s-boyfriend a slut and have her respond back angrily… “You don’t know me!!!!”

Jerry Springer Show coming to Stamford | WTNH.com

Geek chic.  On tonight’s episode of Castle, Nathan Fillion doned these protective glasses to wear while he was cutting onions.  I’ve been on the fence for awhile about buying these glasses from BBB since I really have issues chopping onions.  Now, thanks to shameless product placement (I’m assuming) I think I might go ahead and buy the retarded-looking geek chic eyewear.

Meanwhile, the goal of this year was to decrease my tv watching, which was supposed to be easy with ER’s series finale airing this Thursday (sad) and the end of Girls Next Door, and rumors of it being the last season of Smallville as well.  So how did I pick up four more shows to watch this season (Castle, Lie to Me, The City, and Dollhouse)?  Actually, after this week it may be 5 new shows as I figured I’d at least watch the Cupid pilot.

The problem with studying is I always feel that I should reward myself with food.  Therefore, before hitting up the library I stopped by Burger Bar SoNo for some delicious disco fries (previously discussed here), which are fries covered in truffle oil and melted brie, and one of their innovative burgers.

Even if you don’t live near South Norwalk, you should click on the Burger Bar link above because the intro to their website is hilarious!