Saving money… WIN

I’ve been trying to ignore the recession for awhile now by telling myself that I am really making a difference by stimulating the economy…. A LOT. Well, it got out of hand a couple weekends ago with a HUGE shopping spree and I vowed to stop shopping except for emergency necessities (read: groceries) until June at least… Hey, 1.5 months is a long time for me to go no-shopping-cold-turkey. But everyone is totally helping on my way to not spending money anymore!

First, my mother-in-law sent me these two fabulous pairs of Gucci shoes!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Second, I made my friend drive over an hour to have dinner with me and she still insisted on picking up the tab (ahem – Alison, I will be getting you back for that one!)

Third, I’ve been debating about getting the Twilight book on CD to listen to during my daily commute (as I’m currently on the last CD of the 7th Harry Potter book – yes, I believe in reading the book, listening to the audio version of the book, and watching the movies COUNTLESS times as evidence that I am completely obsessed). As part of my new vow of saving money I’ve gone to the site many times to lovingly look at the audio book, without buying it. Today the hubby called me up to tell me that he got free amazon gift certificates as a perk from his credit card and asked if there was anything I wanted. So I should be expecting my fabulously new and free Twilight audio book by Monday.

Fourth, to save money I started to bring home lunches every day. My pseudo-boss decided that he wanted food from the expensive deli down the street and offered to pick up food for anyone else that wanted lunch too. I felt bad about the lonely leftovers waiting for me in the fridge but I immediately placed an order and handed over the money for my portion of the bill. I got my money back along with my yummy club sandwich and was told the boss was picking up the lunch – which was really nice because gone are the days that he can charge food through to the company.

And finally, I went to a farewell happy hour for one of my co-workers / friends tonight and while many people downed $2 drinks – I decided to splurge on the deliciously unhealthy deep fried mac and cheese balls. When I decided it was time to head home for the night I asked the bartender for my bill – he couldn’t find it listed anywhere that I had gotten anything except for free soda and said that I could just leave without paying for anything since someone forgot to ring up my order. Score!

So why am I writing about this? 1) to brag about my freebees (of course) and 2) as a reminder to myself of all the materialistic things that I’ve gotten lately free of charge and therefore I clearly do NOT need to buy anything more.

I think a big part of the shopping addiction stems from the fact that I memorized my credit card number way back when I got my first real job (meaning: a job that lasted more than 2-3 months during the summer) so it’s incredibly easy for me to shop online as I don’t even have to reach for my wallet to place an order.

Becker Group, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, today announced it will bring worldwide audiences “Harry Potter: The Exhibition,” a state-of-the-art exhibition highlighting artifacts from the Warner Bros. films based on J.K. Rowling’s books. The 10,000 square foot experience will premiere in spring 2009 in a major market, and will appear in ten or more cities around the world throughout a five-year span.
Please please please come to NYC! (Since I’m guessing Stamford isn’t going to happen…)

“Harry Potter: The Exhibition” is Coming

Things I did during my slow work day today:

  • Taught a staff member about the joys of using the emoticons on our work IM (e.g. think left-facing sheep accompanied by left-facing person… BTW – why on earth do they have these icons on our work IM?)
  • Researched news about New Moon – nothing new to report… oh well
  • Played around with different ways to search for my blog on google
  • Debated about checking my score on the exam I took on Monday (the earliest it’ll probably be posted will be the end of May) but passed as I was too lazy to look up my access code
  • Weeded through 277 new emails in my personal email inbox – 270 of which were spam.  The remaining 7 were bills and invoices.
  • Tried to figure out how a high school friend of mine figured out my twitter name to follow me (as my name, information and even picture is not mentioned anywhere and I don’t use twitter to keep in touch with people I actually know at all – it’s just another way for me to stalk stay informed on celebrities and TV obsessions).

My sister and I are rarely on the same wavelength…

Me: Did you hear? I talked mom into coming and visiting me in July.
Tiffi: Yeah, she told me – she’s so excited to meet her grandkids (Spam and Sox).
Me: I know. That was how I convinced her to visit me – I offered her the opportunity to meet the Kittehs. I think she might secretly be coming JUST to meet them.
Tiffi: It’s so unfair. You are SO lucky. Mom only wants to see me when she comes to visit. I wish she’d come to see my pets instead of coming to see me.
Me: What?! You are complaining because mom goes to San Fran just to see you, and you are jealous that she may be coming to Stamford JUST to see my cats… and not to see me.
Tiffi: Yes.
Me: Besides, your pets don’t count… they aren’t cute and cuddly and sleeping on your bed. Your pets are horses!
Tiffi: Exactly. They are so much better than silly little cats.

I finally found a problem with my IPhone

I use it as my link to the internet and I’m constantly on one of the apps I’ve downloaded.  So I’ve forgotten about the whole phone-part of the IPhone.  Upon reading an email from my friend that I just received asking why I didn’t call her back I finally checked the “phone” part of my iphone which listed all the voicemails I hadn’t listened to over the last week.

Fixed my insomnia issue! Which means I slept over 10 hours last night and woke up only half an hour before I was supposed to be at work. Needless to say… I was late.