Finally!  I’ve been waiting so long for the New Moon trailer.



The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Rick O’Connell: We’re going to do this my way. I’ve put down more mummies in my time.
Alex O’Connell: [scoffs] *One* mummy.
Rick O’Connell: Same mummy. *Twice*!

Remember as kids, where a classic argument would turn into how many times you liked something, or how many times better something was? I think it would go something like this: “Leonardo is 100 times better than Donatello. No, Donatello is better than Leonardo times infinity.” Now even though infinity is an infinite number that goes on forever, the next reply would be the most logical: “Leonardo is cooler than Donatello times infinity plus one.” How that makes sense, I don’t know, but it works. I asked Pythagoras. Also, after that response was the ultimate winner: “Donatello is cooler than Leonardo times infinity times infinity”. Game, set, match Donatello. Now of course none of this makes any sense because we all know Michaelangelo was the coolest Ninja Turtle.

Email I received from my friend.  I love his emails.

Dear Loser Meter Maid,

You suck!  How much does your life suck that you are hunting down poor innocent people that may have been a few coins short on the parking meter on a Friday night.  Here’s a thought, go talk someone into building more parking garages in White Plains that take credit cards or at least dollars, and you’ll get more of my money upfront – because who brings coins with them when going out to a bar?!

So I’ll go and pay your stupid idiotic fine and be done, but you’ll still be a loser.  So there.

Clearly it’s summer…

I sent out an email save-the-date for a summer BBQ party I’m throwing later on this summer (originally named my amazing wii party but the name was changed as I felt people were not going to be as excited to be going to a wii party as I was to be throwing it).

I got back 8 out-of-office replies letting me know that while I was working this week they were all off enjoying time at the beach or wine trails or wherever.  Well, 7 days from now I will be in vacation heaven as well.  Ahhh… hurry up week!