And here I thought EVERYONE knew about Rainbow Brite

(Upon being asked what I am dressing up as for Halloween)
Me: I’m going as Rainbow Brite.
Girls: (expressions of excitement / oohs and aahs)
Guy 1: Who?!
Me: An 80s cartoon character.
Guy 2: Was this something that only aired in Hawaii?
Me: No! Come on! She was famous. So unfair – I knew about transformers and He-man even if I didn’t watch them.
Girls: (go into detail as to what she looked like)
Guy 1: Oh wait – this is that chick that liked fruit and had red hair?
Me: No. That would be Strawberry Shortcake. But I guess you get points for knowing that…
Me: Great, now I’m going to be that girl on the train into the city dressed up as someone no one can guess.
Guy 2: Don’t worry, there will be plenty of freaks on the train. You won’t stand out.


Cougars in the workplace

Cougar: You are so good looking. I’d ask if you had a girlfriend, but you are a little too young for my daughter.
My (male) staff: Oh….
Cougar: But the same doesn’t go for me. You know cougars are in!
Me: (Duck my head behind a wall so the Cougar can’t see me dying of laughter. Wait for cougar to leave. Tease colleague relentlessly.)

Rainbow Brite Costume: $40

Having a job that sometimes requires me to get home after midnight: about 30 lbs (gross)

Dressing up as Rainbow Brite BEFORE waking Ryan up to let him know I came home: Priceless


Remembrance Of Things Past of the Day: On last night’s Halloween-themed episode of Castle, Nathan Fillion oh-so-briefly resurrected the gone-but-far-from-forgotten Captain Mal by donning the legendary rebel’s signature brown coat.

This isn’t Castle’s first Firefly Easter Egg, but it is by far the shiniest.


This completely made my night – as the entire reason I started watching castle was due to my love for Captain Malcolm Reynolds.  Somewhere out there, Joss Whedon is smiling.

Words of advice for wedding goers

Advice 1: Do not wait until 2 hours before the wedding to check if you have a wedding appropriate outfit that is 1) clean (or just not crumpled in a corner, and 2) fits.

Advice 2: especially listen to this advice when you have 2 weddings to go to on the same day.

Advice 3: if you disregard the first two pieces of advice – start trying to find said outfit immediately instead of taking time out to blog from your iPhone in the attic.

So – wish me luck!

Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting.

I cannot get this song out of my head.  Tomorrow I’m acting in a skit, although the term “acting” is being used very liberally here as my entire part involves holding up a sign for 2 minutes – thank god, I was hyperventilating at the thought of doing anything more than that.  The skit is supposed to be about finance / accounting, etc. but we decided that (as Ryan often puts it) everything is better with the addition of ninjas.  So this afternoon my hard earned degree was put to good use as I helped make nunchucks, swords, and throwing stars out of tape, paper, and cardboard.

And then we rehearsed… with music.  Since we are playing this song throughout the skit – because of the ninjas.

And yes, I do realize that ninjas and kung fu are two completely different martial arts as they stem from different countries but 1) I’m 99% sure the majority of my group did not know that, and 2) I couldn’t come up with a better alternative to offer.  So….

“Everybody was kung-fu fighting.  Those cats were fast as lightning.  In fact it was a little bit frightning.  But they fought with expert timing.”

When triggered, a Venus flytrap closes in less than 100 milliseconds. It takes about 10 days for the trap to digest an insect.

“Fun Fact” found in my cracker jack snack this afternoon.  Um…. thanks?