If you haven’t already, I suggest not playing the Jersey Shore Drinking Game. I also highly recommend not doing this the night before going back to work for the first time in a week and a half. I had never watched the Jersey Shore before this past Sunday so I didn’t realize exactly how hard this game would be. The rules are as follows: There’s someone shown lifting weights Someone says the word “classy” Pauley fixes his hair An Ed Hardy apparel is shown Mike says “The Situation” There’s a fight A guy appears shirtless A girl appears in a bikini top Someone says “guido” or “guidette” Anyone fist bumps Between the “guido” “guidette” comments and guys switching between an Ed Hardy shirt and no shirt, I was toast in about 30 minutes. I mean, who takes their shirt off in a club?

Jersey Shore Drinking Game


Oh facebook, how you make me laugh / groan.  I just got tagged in this 12-year-old picture from high school.  (The photo album was appropriately titled by my ex-teammate: This is what happens when I have time at home)  The sad part?  Out of the 12 girls pictured, I instantly remembered who 11 of them were (well some I’m still friends with so that helped).  The 12th girl took me a while to puzzle out, and then I got it – it was me.  I checked where I was tagged, just to double-check.

Closest girl to the top of the picture, in case you were wondering.

I went a little shopping crazy on Cyber Monday.  But it was all mostly for work clothes, which I never shop for (yes I spend all my money on clothes I can wear only about 20% of the time) so that’s how I justified it.  I finally started wearing my newly bought work pants this week.  I bought them extra long, thinking I’d get them hemmed.  But turns out I’ve been to lazy.  So instead I put on my 4-inch high heels and hoped that got me tall enough to not trip over the hems of my pants.

So far so good.

The Joys of Being Back at Work

Client 1: [to Client 2] Go home! You are the only one here. The floor is deserted except for you.
Client 1: [pops head into my office] I’m sorry I meant to say… except for the accountants. But you are always here so I don’t count you guys.
Me: [Actual response: something cordial and hopefully witty – I can’t remember what, so nothing very memorable.]
Me: [Inner head response: Le sigh!]

After several tries, we finally ate at Ippudo.  We got there about 30 minutes after it opened and the wait was already over an hour.  We decided to stick it out and were finally rewarded with a table and very quick service.


Philosophical Facebook Thread of the Day: To be quite honest, I’ve always felt that Christianity’s greatest flaw was Jesus’ lack of sun-eating abilities.


 I want Matt to become my friend very badly.