Ryan was busy all day Friday working, we had plans to be in the city all weekend, and pretty much everyone I knew had plans to go out of town for the weekend so I pulled a Carry Bradshaw and decided to go out on a date with NYC on Friday night.

It started with a late lunch at Shake Shack.  Actually it started with a 2 hour wait for lunch at Shake Shack.  But the rave reviews were right.  Their cheeseburgers were AMAZING!  They are the best I’ve ever had – though I don’t know if they are wait-in-line-for-2-hours good – but I’m definitely coming back again for more (during a weekday for dinner in hopes to fix the whole long-wait problem).


Going to the Met – take two.  I triple checked my purse to make sure there were no glass bottles or any other items that could deny me access this year.

And I “passed” with flying colors.

Also, I little tidbit for those of you wanting to see art but not cough up the hefty admission price.  The $20 is really just a recommended donation NOT a mandatory fee.  A friend of mine would always argue his way into the Met by explaining this to the cashier and say that he was choosing to give a donation of $0.  They argued with him but always lost.

I however, did fork over the money as I don’t have quite the cajones that he does.

I am the least artistic person you will ever meet.  I also would probably flunk art appreciation class.  And so, I now gift you with a tour of the Met through my eyes…

Cool, egyptian building sent over from…. Egypt.  Hope it’s real, not like the pyramid in “Despicable Me.”  I wonder when that movie is coming out?  Did it come out already?  I wonder what it’s about?…

Oh my god oh my god oh my god.  It’s the opening into the chamber of secrets from Hogwarts.  Does Harry know it’s at the Met now?

Bird totems on LCD…

Really?  This is art?  I could have done this!

Soooo cool… it’s the numbers from Lost!  Oh wait no it isn’t.  It’s the calendar for August.  Soooo not as cool.  They should have stuck to the numbers from Lost.

I should go watch “Vincent and Me” again.  That was a good movie.

To Monet these may be haystacks, but to me they are cupcakes.

The End.

Last art piece from the Met and this one has a story attached to it, not of the actual piece but of a different painting that it had reminded me of.

Second semester of my senior year in college I talked my then boyfriend (now hubby) into signing up for a beginners art class with me.  (I also took up Irish dancing that semester… what can I say – with most of my major accounting and business school credits out of the way I had reached cruise control during my last semester.)

One night Ryan was over at my place completing our newest assignment: abstract painting.  We had spread our art supplies out over the floor of my apartment (my poor roommates) and as there was little space to maneuver around he ended up knocking red paint over a portion of his blue and yellow abstract piece.  It was pretty late and as he was in no mood to start over he did some damage control over the spill and called it a night.

As per usual, in class the next day we pinned our art assignments up on the wall to be critiqued by the rest our our peers (who turned out to be mainly art majors) and our teacher.  So these art majors start raving about Ryan’s piece.  “What genius!  What made you decide to add the one small area of red to the piece?  It is remarkable.  It MAKES the piece.

I sat there with a look on my face that clearly said, “are you kidding me?!” as Ryan explained that just as he finished his blue-and-yellow piece “artistic inspiration hit him and he just knew that it NEEDED a dash of red.”

He gloated all the way to lunch.

 Guess what was still playing at an obscure movie theater I found on the UES?!!!

It was pretty long – but so worth it.  My only complaint is that sometimes the bottom of the screen was so light that it was hard to read the white lettered subtitles, but that didn’t happen too often.  I can’t wait for the next movie to be released in July!

Last Sunday we made our way out to River Road Park in Hartsdale for Ryan’s Annual Company Picnic.  It was pretty awesome.  Not to brag but I had suggested something rather similar to my ex-company and was completely shot down (because they “didn’t think it would logistically work”) so it was cool to see how it could have panned out.

In the post-recession times as Companies are still trying to save costs while giving back to their employees, why not have a picnic at a local park – assign food for everyone to bring, grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers and provide some cheap plastic toys (like horseshoes) for the children and those with the maturity level of a child…

By the way… I was awesome at horseshoes.  I was losing by 0 – 8 (we decided to play until 10) until I accepted an ultimatum, if I actually got the horseshoe around the pin on my next shot – I’d win outright.  And so guess who got the horseshoe around the pin?!

It may have been complete luck or I may have been a ringer… no one will ever know.

Then the sporty people played baseball and basketball.  I played cheerleader for awhile until something better came along…

The margarita had arrived.