Right now about 10 minutes away from me…

Lights are dimming for a packed in audience as Eclipse is shown for the first time at my local theater.

I’m exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open but right now I’m wishing I had opted to go to the midnight showing instead of letting stupid responsibilities like work tomorrow get in my way.

And yes, apologies for the current and future onslaught of (more) Twilight and Harry Potter posts (after all, in case you’ve been unaware – the latest HP trailer has been released).


Hollywood and Me!!!!!! (okay, not really but…)

Eek!!!  Apparently Demi Moore and Kevin Spacey have been filming Margin Call right next to where I work.  Not only that but they’ve been scouting around looking for a bathroom to use in their shoot and I guess they took a look at my company’s bathrooms (and passed – so unfortunate).

However, my dreams of spending my mornings bumping into Demi and discussing Ashton, Rumer, et al. was dashed when I found out that they are filming at around 3 AM each night to avoid being a burden on those of us working nearby.

Um, hello!!!!  BE A BURDEN!  Puh-lease!

Ironic how I left former-job because I had enough of working past 3 AM only to come to new-job and wish that I had a reason to be working until 3 AM.


So this post is just asking for hate mail, but… I’m obsessed with the thought of eating Ortolan.

I recently bought Anthony Bourdain’s newest book “Medium Raw” for the hubby (but since I bought the kindle version I’ve started to read it on my iPad as well).  I was instantly captivated by his introduction (titled: The Sit Down) which described the secret gathering of some of the top chefs in the world to dine on Ortolan.  I’ve never heard of this before, but his mouth-watering details regarding the eating of this bird dish made me want to get my hands on one and pronto.  Only problem?  They are endangered species and therefore, illegal to capture, kill, eat, etc.

Now I’m not saying let’s take Ortolan from endangered to extinct… but couldn’t they work on some farm raised version with a more humane way of killing than drowning them in Armagnac?  Just saying, why can’t we meet halfway?  I think this could actually help SOLVE the problem with endangerment as there would be no more demand on the black market for French poachers to capture and kill the birds in the wild.

So to eat this bird you apparently put the whole thing in your mouth with only the beak protruding from your mouth.  And then bite – bones and all.  Weirder yet, before you eat them, you drape your napkin over your head in order to preserve the aromas and…. to hide your head from God… or so some say.

It’s supposedly extremely fatty and likened to a better versionof foie gras.  It’s not like I needed an excuse over ‘put napkin on head and stuff entire bird in mouth’ but I’ll take it.

This is known as preventative measures.

The Hubby seems to think I have too much clothes in my closet and has therefore deemed that Saturday will be “clean out Sonja’s closet” day.  So between that and me wanting to spend my lunch at McDonalds or Pizza Hut or Subway (not with a Jared approved sandwich) instead of with a crappy leafy looking thing, I decided to spend my lunch at H&M instead.

Problems solved!

Today in Idiotic Facebook Status Updates



[Redacted:] OMG… this is rediculous… OBAMA needs to just resign already… July 1, 2010 the 10% federal UV tanning tax goes into effect. SUCH BS! with underlying racist tones.. reverse racism perhaps?

Yes, Redacted. Obama isn’t trying to fund government programs by taxing an incredibly unhealthy habit that has no discernible benefit and can cause skin cancer and, ultimately, death. What he’s really trying to do is keep the white man down. You know, by keeping him white.

Fullcredit wins. Shut the internet down.

Ridiculously funny (yes, jacka$$ it’s with an I). And best line(s) ever: “What he’s really trying to do is keep the white man down. You know, by keeping him white.”

Fig & Olive Review

The other night I met up with Ryan and 2 of our friends for a dinner out at NYC’s Fig and Olive.  Being the bad blogger I am I took only 1 very blurry picture of the night so instead I poached pictures from Fig and Olive’s website to pretty up my review.

The service wasn’t very good (they didn’t take our drink orders for a long time, got one appetizer mixed up, didn’t bring out another appetizer, and I have a feeling that the delay in my pasta order stemmed from the fact that they forgot about it).  But that being said, I thought the food was excellent and no one else (on yelp, chowhound, etc) seems to complain about the service so maybe it was just an off night.

We started out with focaccia bread served with 3 different house olive oils.


They have 12 different crostini on the menu so we tried out 4 different types (crushed tomato and basil pesto; cucumber and greek yogurt; manchego, fig spread and almond, and shrimp, avocado, cilantro, tomato) as well as their mixed olives dish. 


Then we all went with their prix fixe meal for $36 / person which got you an appetizer, main meal, and dessert.  I went with the avocado soup with crab and lime which was basically creamy guacamole (if you are in love with guacamole like I am).  It was one of the best soups I’ve ever tasted. 

Dinner for me was the penne funghi tartufo because despite what I learned in waiter rant – I am a sucker for anything that says truffle (and it was listed twice in the description).

For dessert I went with the mascarpone pot de crème. 

So, portions were small (my friend had a paella that was the size of my hand and I have the tiniest (adult) hands that you will ever see) and service wasn’t great, but I’d come back again and again because I really loved the food.  I would have the avocado soup every day if I could.  And it was reasonably affordable.  True, the price was over $100 for me and Ryan but if you took out the two blueberry lychee martini’s I drank and the crostini, $36 for a 3-course delicious meal in the city doesn’t seem all that unreasonable.