I love my boy Barack…

But after mechanical difficulties delayed my plane for half an hour, now we are grounded until the President’s flight takes off. This is seriously cutting into my 3 hour layover in Vegas… The one city I was ever excited to have a 3 hour layover in.

2 hours later update: Still waiting… No longer Obama’s fault though. Just Continental’s. I’m now foreseeing a future of me sprinting to my second flight. Gotta work off that Mickey D’s dinner anyway.


Good. My wedding day was one of the happiest days in my life.  I cannot even image how beyond devastating it would be if instead of waking up to a beautiful sunrise, surrounded by my friends getting ready for the day, I was woken up to find out that there would be no wedding as the groom was shot 50 times by police officers the night before.

NYC Settles Police Shooting Lawsuit for $7 Million

Oh god oh god oh god. I have to fly the dreaded US Airways again.

I made a vow in 2006 to never fly them again and have since opted for flights that are sometimes more expensive just to avoid them. So I am redesigning my vow to state that I will never spend a single cent of MY money on US Airways. As this will be for a business trip (and I had no say in the airlines), I’m okay.

On the pre-eve (eve-eve?) of my four year wedding anniversary let me tell you a little story.

After our incredibly beautiful wedding (clearly I’m biased but still) in Hawaii we took off across the country for a honeymoon cruise departing from Barbados. Everything was going great until we had to get off of our flight out of Charleston due to the plane’s mechanical difficulties that meant we were going to be missing our connecting flight in Puerto Rico to Barbados. The next flight would get us into Barbados the day after our cruise left. Being the overly cautious person I am, we had even decided to fly into Barbados a good 24+ hours in advance of our cruise. Apparently that wasn’t good enough.

So we got rebooked by 2 incredibly rude US Airways flight attendants on a flight up to Toronto (read: north… by a lot) for a 12 hour layover before a flight down to Barbados, arriving the morning of our cruise. As it was the only flight that could get us there in time. Does no one fly to Barbados?

Read more of the retardedness that is US Airways here.

Things that suck:

  • Working really hard on your report last week only to be an idiot and erase the whole thing.
  • Waking up at 4:15 to catch the EARLY train down to the city to redo erased report

Things that do not suck:

  • Watching the sun rise over the Hudson
  • The tranquility of being the the only one around to watch said Hudson sun rise
  • Knowing that in 3 days time I will be seeing a similar beautiful sunrise as I land in Honolulu.

Guess who used to eat here at least once a week for four years?  Oh yes, that would be me.  Which means that my favorite part of the article was clearly:
Buildings officials shut down the the longtime Anderson Hill Road eatery in February after inspectors found roof leaks, electrical and gas line problems and a faulty grease trap in the kitchen. The Westchester Health Department also cited the restaurant for dead rats and rodent droppings.

Purchase’s Hilltop Restaurant operator evicted; landlord seeking new operator

Teen Mom, A Few Judgmental Comments

First of all, yay – it’s back.  I really love this show, because it’s like a car accident… you just can’t stop watching!

Amber – where do I even begin?  #1) what should you do (first) when you think you are pregnant?  Should you call your cousin over to discuss how this will ruin your life?  Should you tell your boyfriend (and have him call up his friends) to explain how this will ruin your life?  No!  FIRST, you buy a damn pregnancy test from Walgreens for $10 and you pee on a stick.

#2, my sister was homeschooled throughout high school and so to “graduate” she needed to sit for the GED.  And because I’m a huge nerd I read through her study book.  The test?  It isn’t hard!  How is she still trying to pass this exam 3 years later?

#3, the reason for the pregnancy scare was because they “got caught up in the heat of the moment.”  Let’s ignore for a moment the blatant reminder of the consequences of doing that (aka the 1+ year old crawling around their feet) and focus in on the “heat of the moment” part.   I’m sorry but have you seen Gary?  HOW were you not able to pause for 1 second and think hmmm…. Better safe than Leah 2.0.

You see my point right?

Farrah.  Okay so of course I abhor domestic violence, but come on.  Her mom is what? 1 dress size larger than Farrah is.  Next time, lift your hand and smack hers out of the way before she hits you.  And if you are going to call the cops on your mom and have her thrown in jail, don’t expect to live off her!

I’m a weakling, and I could have taken her.

Catelynn, sigh.  You were my favorite.  No wait, Tyler was my favorite but we’ll get to him next.  Of course giving your child up for adoption is something that would be hard for anyone to get over.  But as an impartial audience member, I’m kinda getting bored with all the whining 3 years after the fact.  Where are The Hills’ writers when you need them?  New story line please.

Now  on to Tyler, and how he is letting me down.  1) if you are in high school and decide proposing is a good idea, have the decency to tell her alone (and not in front of other girls in the high school) that you are not ready to be engaged.  Or better yet, if you aren’t ready.  Don’t ask!  And 2) if you think it’s time to send your fiancé packing back to her psycho mother and stepfather’s (read: boyfriend’s father – can you say trashy?) drug laden house, have the balls to tell her yourself.  Don’t have your mom do it for you!

Macy.  Words cannot express how much I love you.  Homegirl (I’m channeling LC) takes the loser ex to court for child support while juggling college and work.

So what does all my bitching mean?  I can’t wait for next week’s episode!