Currently watching this as I don my rainbow brite costume.  And yes, that would be my amazing 10-year-old-self drawing skills.  That really hasn’t changed too much in the almost 2 decades since.


School districts are turning to high-tech solutions — from fingerprint scans to electronic cards — to track kids on school buses and keep them from getting off at the wrong stops. With BOSS, students’ fingerprints are scanned and sent to a database. When they get off, they provide a “check out” print. An alarm sounds if the child tries to get off at the wrong place.
I think this should be an option on the last metro-north train out of NYC.  You metro-north folks know the one, it’s the one that is rarely filled with sober people.  If fingerprinting was enacted for these fabulous, sweet, wonderful people, it could have prevented a situation where someone got off at Pelham instead of Stamford and needed to call and wake up a not-so-amused husband to drive the 30 minutes south to pick her up.  And prevented to not-so-amused part from continuing on for several days afterwards. I mean this hypothetically of course.  No way did this ever happen to me anyone I know.

School buses test fingerprint scan

The sights of Santa Fe

Being a lover of places bordered by oceans and places that are at sea-level (fortunately those two things seem to always go hand in hand) I have to admit, I didn’t see the draw of places opposite that (read: Santa Fe).  But once I visited it, I finally got it. 

Not only was every person the nicest person I’ve ever met, but the views, the laid-backness, the green chilis.

And it didn’t hurt that I got to see my (new) aunt’s closet which would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous with envy.

If only I could have kicked that altitude sickness.

My ode to the Green Chile: eating my way through Albuquerque and Santa Fe

With my mouth constantly burning throughout our trip to Santa Fe, I’d never thought I’d say this… but now that I’m back I miss the green chile.  So this is my ode to the magnificent green chile, and to Road Food (for guiding us to all the fabulous local diners that served the green chile on EVERYTHING).

Straight off our flight we headed to The Standard Diner in Albuquerque to kill time and feed our bellies while waiting for Ryan’s parents to get in.  Going with the recommendations on RF we got the chicken-fried steak:

and the country-fried tuna:

The Chicken-Fried Steak was amazing, which is why I ate half of it even though it was really Ryan’s lunch.  Though the Country-Fried Tuna was a not-to-shabby second, pretty impressive for a place not surrounded by an ocean (and the tuna in it).

Unqualified HawaiiGurlinCT opinion:


We also made a quick pitstop at the Golden Crown Panaderia to get some of their famous Green Chili Bread.

Bread picture courtesy of

Once in Santa Fe we also frequented Bert’s Burger Bowl and ate his grilled cheese with green chilis sandwich (cause I need my weekly allotment of grilled cheese almost as much as I need to eat sushi),

and the carnitas soft tacos with green chile salsa.

I guess we missed the memo on how it was called Bert’s Burger Bowl.

There were also a couple of breakfast places we dropped in on including Tecolote Cafe,

where their catch phrase of “no toast!” does not do justice to their heavenly biscuits,

and Cafe Pasqual’s, with their cute menus

fun decor

and ono food of organic cheese grits with chorizo and two eggs.

Unqualified HawaiiGurlinCT opinion for both Tecolote Cafe and Cafe Pasqual’s:


Back in Albuquerque before our flight there was Frontier Restaurant – clearly the perfect morning spot for the U of NM peeps.  I wonder how many claim their breakfast burrito as the perfect hang over cure.

Picture via

If one is not enough you can always order the six-pack for… well, for six of them.

Best email of the day goes to my girl MLB for sending me this link: The hills – and area multiplexes – will be alive with ‘The Sound of Music’ Sing Along. To summarize, movie theaters nationwide are playing the best movie of all time tomorrow night and audience members are supposed to sing along.  #1: this is the best idea I’ve ever heard of.  And, #2: Why couldn’t this be on a weekend so I could definitely go?

To explain just how dedicated I am, let me provide you with a little story.  Back when we first started dating, Ryan and I went on a weekend getaway to Montreal.  At one point I turned on the tv and started watching the Sound of Music, in French.  When I found out that Ryan had never seen the movie (much to my dismay) I started translating the movie for him, line by line.  He was so impressed with me.  Flabbergasted he asked, “you speak fluent french?”

I might have strung him along for a little bit before finally admitting the truth, that I had every line memorized since I was 10.

And so this is why I NEED to be there tomorrow night.  Since 6:30 is a little early to round up my few likeminded Sound of Music loving friends, is it super pathetic to go to a 3+ hour sing along solo?