And now I’m deaf…

I had one shopping destination planned for today: Barnes and Noble on 46th St. I normally steer clear of all stores on Black Friday (it’s all about cyber Monday!) but I figured people wouldn’t be falling over each other to buy books right? Wrong! The crowd in front of the store was so ridiculous and had to be controlled by cops up and down 5th Avenue that I finally went up to a cop to ask what was going on. (Nosy nosy me.) I actually didn’t hear the cop’s response because that was when the crowd got restless and started screaming out: Bie-ber Bie-ber Bie-ber. I skipped the madhouse of B&N (where the chantee was supposed to appear, I guess) but could still hear the screaming from Grand Central – 4 blocks away! Ears… still ringing…


This picture was taken during the strangest baby shower I had ever been to.  My friend and mama-to-be ended up in the hospital the day of her shower when she started to have labor pains.  Everything turned out fine and the doctors got the contractions to stop but my friend did miss her entire shower.  But instead of bringing the party to a premature halt, the brothers of the future-mom and dad stepped in to play the role of their siblings during the gift-opening session.  I believe they thanked someone profusely for this wonderful car seat before someone informed them that it was actually an infant bath tub.

Meanwhile, best gift ever (in my opinion) was a baby t-shirt that said, “Daddy’s little tax deduction.”  Come on, that’s funny!


It’s beginning to look a lot like holiday season…. everywhere you go!!!!

It may not be the Macy’s thanksgiving parade, but the Stamford parade, held the Sunday before thanksgiving, is not too shabby with over 22 giant balloons.  I’ve wanted to see this ever since I first heard about the parade during my first year in Stamford.  So I finally dragged my butt down to the Balloon Inflation Party (term “party” seems to be loosely used here) the day before.

Some mother was completely misinforming her kid about this particular balloon.  She should get her 80s-baby license taken away from her as this is clearly Leonardo, not Michelangelo.

My head hurts from all the stupidity…

Me: I’m calling because I got a notice in the mail saying I’m late in paying my condo’s common charges, but my records show that I’m actually paid up through the end of December so I wanted to verify that you had my correct information.
Idiot: Let’s check. Well I do see that you have a credit of $172 on file from a payment made on November 15th.
Me: Yes, that’s what I expected to have. Do you know why I would get a late fee notice then?
Idiot: Because as I just said, you have a balance on your account.
Me: But you said it was a credit. That means that I have overpaid the balance. Which I did because I already paid for December.
Idiot: Yes. So on December 1st we will charge you $172 which will bring your balance to $0.
Me: Okay… so to verify your system shows that I do not owe any money and I am not late on paying any bills?
Idiot: No! I repeat. You have a credit. This is why you have a late fee notice. It will go away in a week or so when we charge you for your December common charges.
At this point I decided to just say thank you and hung up the phone. My head really does hurt now.

Happy Birthday to my best friend! The person that makes my life what it is. I love you Ryan.

Also here’s to no more comments about how I’m so much older than you / him for another 10 months.

Taylor Swift – Mean

Taylor Swift – Mean

(via andeezzy)

How is it that I only discovered this song of Taylor’s this weekend?  In keeping with my oh-so-dramatic streak, I may be imagining singing this to a certain a-hole.

Someday, I’ll be living in a big old city,
And all you’re ever gonna be is mean.
Someday, I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me,
And all you’re ever gonna be is mean.
Why you gotta be so mean?

Thank you Warner Brothers

It only took 7 tries but you finally made a Harry Potter movie I whole-heartedly loved.

My fantastic HP experience included:

  • – Showing up an hour and a half early and pacing angrily back and forth over the fact that Ryan didn’t make it there until an hour before the movie started (we had agreed on meeting an hour early).
  • – Showing my ticket to three different employees before being allowed access into the theater.  And then repeating that process again when I went out to get food.
  • – Trying relish on my hot dog for the first time in my life.  It was pretty good.
  • – Watching with annoyance as a father sat down next to us with a 2 year old on his lap.  Who thought this would be a good idea?  I’m sorry, but a 2 year old has no business at the 7:30 PM opening night HP Imax show.  And really what was the point of that?  $36 dollars later they only sat through about 30 minutes of the movie before the kid’s crying forced the duo to leave, under the glaring eye of a sold out theater.  Can you tell I’m still peeved?
  • – Surprised when half the audience gasped in shock during various parts of the movie (over scenes that were identical to the book).  I didn’t realize that many people whom didn’t read the books would go to opening night.
  • – Patting myself on the back because I totally called where the movie would break.  I’m awesome like that.
  • – Forcing Ryan to sit through all the credits.  I mean, WHAT IF there was something extra to see?  Results: don’t bother, there wasn’t.
  • – Spending my weekend trying to pin down when exactly I will be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Answer: it better be soon!