Just because I have all of 2 readers…

Me: God! I’m getting really sick of this shit.
R: What?
Me: Tumblr! The site is down more times than not! I’m about ready to move over to wordpress.
R: Oh, but Tumblr would be so mournful
Me: Your mockery is not appreciated.


This weekend Ryan and I ventured into serious conversation land to discuss our future, our “five year plan” per se. I think we got a lot accomplished. We agreed on 2 things:

  • There will be a “man cave” in our future house. It will be only accessible via fingerprint authorization and will contain a television, a couch, a mini fridge, and possibly Packer paraphernalia.
  • My mortadella rug is allowed to reside in said man cave. But I’ll only get to visit it when I get escorted into the man cave by Ryan (as his is the only fingerprint that will be recorded for authorization).

Bridging language gaps

(Setting the scene ~ Last week a couple of colleagues from China came to visit. At lunch one day a fellow US coworker was conversing with them in Mandarin when they started talking about something she didn’t understand.)
China colleague: (mandarin mandarin mandarin) “gossipie gurlie”
US Coworker: I’m sorry, I don’t understand.
China: (mandarin mandarin mandarin) “gossipie gurlie”
Me: Wait! Are you talking about Gossip Girl?
China: Uh…. Gossipie gurlie
Me: With Serena van der Woodsen?
China: Yes yes – and Blair Waldorf!
Together: CHUCK BASS!
It was a proud moment for Gossip Girl fans everywhere.
And there you have it. Gossip girl, bridging the language gaps.

Filed under websites that were down until after I braved the not- very-shoveled road of Stamford to get to the train station.

In case you were wondering, the New Haven line… That would be mine.

As I may have mentioned once, twice, three times, okay maybe more, ex-job sucked… because of a lot of things but mainly because of the hours. It wasn’t completely amiss for me to spend the day chugging down the large dunkin donuts iced coffee or downing the Starbucks doubleshots in order to work until 6 in the morning, drive home to shower and then drive back to work. But the upside to that is I’ve never really been “allowed” out during the coldest time of the year. Sure the walk to the car before and after work was miserable but other than that, January and February passed me by for the last 6 years in a blurry haze.

So this year I was excited that things would be different. I would go out, experience new things, and finally do all the things I set out to do when I started this here bloggity blog.


I don’t like the cold. I don’t like the cold so much that I pretty much refuse to do anything in order to avoid the cold. So finally, 2 weeks into the new year and nothing to show for it, I decided that enough was enough and I geared up for what will be known as the first of many “Winter Weekends” this one, courtesy of New York City.

And so it started with an evening at Cha-An followed by a visit to King Tut at Times Square… or sort of.  I really thought King Tut was there.  Should have actually read up on the exhibit as it included many of the objects found in his tomb… sans King.  Oh well, it was still pretty cool even without him – though wicked expensive.  They had a no-picture policy so moving on…

In the morning there was brunch at Resto before heading out to an indoor park in Nolita. I mean how cool does this sound?

A 4,500-square-foot public indoor pop-up park, is slush- and pigeon-free, filled with trees, benches and weekend Hester Street Fair food vendors. Lounge on the grass during one of the space’s twice-weekly movie nights.


So 1 subway ride later we walked into… well… this.

Not that it wasn’t cool, cause it was. And fun. I would take my (future) kids here every weekend to play on the see saw and run around on the grass. But after a 20 minute+ ride, we walked into this room filled with fake grass and fake trees and pretty much went… is that all?

So then it was off to the Central Park Zoo.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the best zoo ever. And that’s taking into account trips to the National zoo, the Bronx zoo, and a nighttime excursion to my hometown zoo (school field trip). Why? Because I tend to get very overwelmed with the amount of exhibits at these world-renowned places.  I mean good grief they stick a lot of animals in the DC zoo.  Plus I get overheated (okay, that’s my fault for going zoo-ing when the temperature is in the high 90s versus a lovely 30 degree Saturday afternoon).  And these animals didn’t see miserable to be spending their day locked up and viewed – I think that may have been weather related as well.

Next up: Skating at Bryant Park.

This sounded like a genius plan in my head. I love skating. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was while away my weekends at the Ice Palace. Then in middle school I got really into roller blading and learned how to do tricks from the neighborhood boys. Considering I can’t chew gum and walk, my feats of skill on roller blades (though still VERY novice) is something I’m pretty proud of.  So the idea of heading down to Bryant Park was going to be fun, if not a little show off-y.


The last time I had been skating was on a date with a boy named Ryan at the Boston Commons. Which puts it back in January of 2003. Suddenly standing in line with all the peeps that had grown up on ice was not sounding like a good idea at all. Not at all.  But I’m not a wuss (unless bugs are involved.  Or you know… strenuous activity) and so I stayed.

I clung to the side for dear life the first time several times around the rink. And you know what? I wasn’t so bad. Not real great either, but I measure my athletic ability in terms of how many times I fall down. And I didn’t fall. Not once. That’s an improvement on my date with that boy back in 2003.

Well, there’s only one way to end Winter Weekend: take 1, and that’s with noodles. So off we went to try to score a coveted seat at Ippudo.

45 minutes later we had seats.  And if you’ve never been – go!  It’s well worth the wait.

The other week I was scrolling through Tumblr restaurant posts for NYC, trying to figure out the perfect restaurant to visit next when I stumbled upon countless posts for the amazing grilled cheese sandwich at Resto.  Well that was that, I had to try it.  Except I couldn’t find it on their regular dinner menu.  Was it a fluke?  Nope, turns out this amazing grilled cheese is listed on the Sunday Brunch menu.  Okay, breakfast it is and with that we headed off the other Sunday to the restaurant whose motto is “bringing back fat” – totally my kind of place.

I started with deviled eggs on pork toast before moving on to the main course.

Resto’s grilled cheese is made with vermont chedder, gruyere, bacon, and… (drum roll please) pork belly.  Eek!  I was so excited.  Except once I got the sandwich I was more like… Eh.  What was with these places?  I keep trying to visit these restaurants with their amazing grilled cheeses and I’m always disappointed.  So the more I thought about it the more I realized, it’s not them it’s me.  I like my grilled cheese as follows: bread, 2 slices of kraft american cheese, bread, grill – maybe fancy it up with some truffle oil, but that’s it.  This high class cheese with trendy meat and fresh bread is just not for me.  So I’ll definitely go back to Resto, but I’ll probably go for my typical breakfast companion, the eggs benedict, instead.