And the winner is…. MEEEEEEE!

That’s right suckers (read: Ryan), I was dominant!  18 out of 24.  (Should have been 19… The Lost Thing was so boring.)

I woke up Ryan this morning my getting my face right up in his and calling out, “First, I’d like to thank the academy…”

I am not a graceful winner.


And here we go…

Updated to actually (hopefully) make sense…

Let the Oscar games begin.

Constantly made fun of for rarely guessing any of the winners on Oscar night I was very determined and dedicated to come out on top this year.  Research was done, movies were watched and 24 winners were picked in the hopes of winning the steep prize: final say on what our 5-year anniversary plans will be (coming up this July).

Let the best (wo)man win!

People that are indirectly or directly my boss that care about the dress code: 4

People included in the above that are in the office today: 0

Conclusion: the uggs are staying on ALL DAY LONG.

File under things that made me happy of the day: the smell wafting from the sewers in NYC. No, wait for it. It smelt like I was waiting in line to ride the Pirates of the Carribbean at Disney.

Don’t worry Mickey, one never forgets their first love.

Currently annoying the crap out of my co-workers by singing out, “it’s medicine time” to the tune (?) of MVP’s It’s T-Shirt Time.

It’s the little things that get me through the day.

A girl can dream can she…. Especially with this article coming out less than a week after I explained to my mom how this was one of the best tv series around and demanded that she add it to her Netflix queue. *Apologies but there are going to be some very tv centric posts due to this stupid, horrendous cold keeping me stuck in bed all week (well, at least for the periods when I wasn’t stuck at work) with nothing else to do but sleep and tv-watch.

Nathan Fillion and Firefly’s writers are ready continue the show