What a great Friday night!

With an allergy index of 10.8 and the worst allergy attack I’ve ever experienced, I just want to hide in my house all night. Which is good since I have 24 hours of the Royal Wedding coverage to get through (yup, I taped it on 4 different channels). I cannot wait!



God, I am old.

(via XKCD

My coworker told me about the Little Mermaid comparison today. I was horrified. Though I may be more horrified by Snakes on a Plane – that didn’t just happen? It wasn’t yesterday that I was at a bar doing car bombs with some friends after work while screaming about how awesome that movie would be? No? You mean because it’s also been 5 years since I’ve done a car bomb? Damn.

Never on my side…

Me: I spent all day trying to walk [redacted] through [certain work assignments]. And while I was talking, she would be humming. I’m trying to teach her something and she’s not getting it because she too busy trying to sing over me. WTF?
Ryan: You’re trying to silence her song.
Ryan: You are the nazis in The Sound of Music.
Me: Excuse me?!
Ryan: Yes. In this story, you are the nazis.

In depth book discussions between literary geniuses

Ryan: So I finished your Hunger Games series…
Me: Yay! And?
Ryan: It was okay. There was still a lot of moping (his reference to the Twilight series, which no he has not read and should therefore NOT pass judgment).
Me: But Katniss is bad ass. She KILLED people.
Ryan: While moping about it.
Me: But it was the series that made me see that Twilight was a little cheesy (though I still LOVE it).
Ryan: Finally.

Here we are, as promised almost a month ago (I am the WORST!)…

My Tumblr Buddy is the BEST! Helping to ring in Easter, I got a wonderful package filled with beautiful spring-colored items, like that gorgeous picture frame, note cards, Easter egg lights (oh how I heart festive decorations) and a purse hook. I’m pretty sure that I never talked about this on my blog but I’ve been wanting a purse hook for forever!!!

And she did not just stop with treats for me.  There were also presents for Ryan and the kittehs.  Though I may have grudgingly forked over some of the caramel crèmes I was instructed to share with Ryan (don’t know why I have to share…) and treats for my beloved kittehs.  Though considering these treats came the same day I discovered they had pulled their current treat bag off the top shelf in the kitchen and ate their way through the entire bag, they received a glare as I retorted “well, you certainly don’t deserve this!”  So short story made long, it was the perfect timing.

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, I am so sorry for being so delinquent at my post (though as my family will attest to, pretty much par for the course for me), everything was perfect!  I adore them, and YOU!