Baby showers are for poor people.

So I stumbled upon some blogs dissecting my favorite Suri’s Burn Book post and arguing that baby showers are not tacky and not just for the first born.  I think they are missing the greatest part of the blog and the post.  It’s the POV of Suri Cruise.  That makes it funny.  Bwahhahhha.



Yesterday, Denise Richards threw a baby shower for her newly adopted daughter, Eloise. Which basically means she threw a shower for herself. She invited her friends to a hotel party with explicit instructions to bring a gift. For her third kid.

It’s so tacky I can barely breathe.

Say what you want about my mother, but that bitch has manners. She didn’t even have a shower. You know why? Because baby showers are for poor people.

 So far this is my favorite one.

Confession! I had a brief involvement with Cruz Beckham in the summer of 2010. I broke things off when his immaturity became too exhausting, but we’ve been able to remain close friends. I have nothing but happiness for him and the entire Beckham family at the birth of Harper Seven.
But can we talk about that name for a quick sec? “Harper” is reaching its saturation point in the A-list families. Neil Patrick Harris has a Harper, as does Tiffani Thiessen, if you consider her a celebrity. (We don’t.) And Seven? I graduated from pre-school, puppies. I know a number when I see one.

I know you probably are… but if you aren’t following Suri’s Burn Book, do yourself a favor. (via lizlemon)

New blog favorite.

I’m not really into horoscopes but I share a sign with a colleague who’s really into them so I get updates daily.  Here’s mine for today:

Even if you believe you have money to burn, handle your finances with prudence and caution.  Deal only with the realities at hand and don’t count on luck.

Did I mention we are finding out about our annual bonus today (if they exist…)

Guess I won’t make that reservation at Masa quite yet.


Sign Of The Times of the Day: “1st day back at work on the greatest show on tv!,” Joel McHale tweeted today.

This is the sign that greeted the cast upon their return to the set.


Reblogging because I heart Community.  And Joel McHale.  And because no matter how many movies Ken Jeong acts in (which is pretty much all new movies made), I will always call him Senor Chang.