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Ireland Vacation

My apologies to my non-family member readers who are going to probably get extremely bored over the next couple of days due to my postings of sheep and hillsides (let’s face it, the family will probably get bored too).  But here it is, our Ireland Vacation!

Day 1 and Day 2 – Dublin (September 10th – 11th)

After a red eye out of JFK the previous night, we finally landed in Dublin and made our way to our hotel in Temple Bar.  After disposing of our luggage we ventured out in search of some breakfast.  A few wrong turns and a farmer’s market later, we found outselves at Queen of Tarts.  The place was amazing, serving everything from fresh fruit and granola to smoked irish salmon with scrambled eggs.

After 10 days and endless taste tests later, Ryan still ranks the Queen of Tarts as serving the best brown bread in all of Ireland, no easy feat.

I’m going to skip over most of our first day (you’re welcome) to spare you all countless pictures of Dublin Castle, Christ Church Catherdral (because we thought we were at St. Patrick’s Cathedral), St. Patrick’s Catherdral (because we found it), and the Chester Beatty Library.

For our first dinner in Dublin we ended up at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud. I’ve already bored you with details of my breakfast (really, who needs to know that?) but I had to include a picture of the restaurant’s wine menu.

It’s a good thing I was ordering by the glass or I would have been incredibly lost.

Day two found us at a fast food joint that serves pasties!!!! (I promise I did more in ireland than just eat…. sort of). Now, considering my family’s background (my grandmother and great-grandmother cooked pasties for a living for decades) I am sure this is sacrilegious to say but these pasties were the best I’ve ever tasted. Sorry Gramie!


Day two meant there was intensive touring of some very important historical sites.  Such as the Guinness Brewery and the Jameson Distillery.

The last touristy thing I forced us to do before leaving Dublin was to pose next to the Molly Malone statue. I’m not sure why but the thing to do is to take a picture groping poor Molly. The man in front of us got yelled at by his wife for trying to grope the statue. She was having none of it.  Then Ryan got up there at left his hands at his side so I had to yell at him too with “we did not come all the way here for you to just stand there, grope the girl already!!!”


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