I’ve finally caught up on 80+ pages on Tumblr over the last week and there was quite a few posts related to texts messages about Christmas and family, from angry messages from people that are still without iPhone 4s’s or iPads (get a job and pay for it yourself, ungrateful assholes) to sweet back and forths between family members across the miles (way too drunk to find the nice texts).  So for your viewing pleasure, I’m reproducing the Christmas texts that took place between me and my familia on that most holy of days:

Dad: The little lights aren’t twinkling, Clark.



Good job, Sonja! So far the only thank you card I’ve accomplished is from my cats to my mom.

It’s not that I’m not extremely thankful for my Christmas presents. It’s that I abhor writing thank you cards. It’s the writing (with a pen) part that gets to me. I type everything. I even make shopping lists in excel. So it takes me about 3 months to shoot off the 10 or so cards I have to write. And I have to write them because my mom always told me it was bad manners to send them any other way. Except for the last three years I’ve gotten email thank yous from her in lieu of actual written cards… Hey, what the…!!! She and I are going to have words.

Speaking of Lord of the Rings…. whoever put this together totally stole my idea.  Whenever I see anything advertising Sean Bean, I already know how it’ll end. The guy can’t catch a break.

Whose the worst employee ever? That’d be me… As I sit here sneaking glances at my dashboard. But here are the facts: New new job has strict Internet policies and Tumblr doesn’t make the cut and I’m about a week+ behind on my dashboard. And I have so little to do right now (a fact I’ll bemoan in 1 week when busy season starts) that I took it upon myself to start a project that’s due in February of 2013. Yes, that year is correct. So I’ll continue that project tomorrow…. For today, 20 pages down, about 80 more to go.

And yes, I did just take a picture of my iPad with my iPhone. I’m an asshole.

Awww Tumblr Buddy! You are the bestest. Everything is amazing – the scarf which I am currently wearing (what happened to the 50 degree weather that made an appearance on Christmas Eve – how come that went away?), the beautiful jewelry, all the “me time” stuff (which will be so useful as I constantly have to vacate our living room to get away from the horrors of Call of Duty).

I’m really excited to start reading the Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I’ve actually been eyeing this book for a while and it was in my top 10 list of books I was thinking about buying and reading, so now with a recommendation from you and this book in hand – it’s next on my list!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and that you’ll have a very happy new years!!!!

Yesterday was dubbed “Movie Day” in our house as the two gluttons that we are had barely enough energy to do much else after eating ourselves into oblivion on Christmas. So we were watching Lord of the Rings II when Ryan stumbled upon this very demotivational poster. And oh my god, it works – I heart Google Maps.  This is so much better than the instructions to swim to Sweden.