Really Tumblr? I currently have about 2 hours each day where I can be on Tumblr and this is what you do to me.  Grrr.


The 11 Toughest Reservations In The World.


  1. Noma (Copenhagen)
  2. Sukiyabashi Jiro (Tokyo)
  3. Next (Chicago) !!!
  4. Tickets (Barcelona)
  5. Quintessence (Tokyo)
  6. The Fat Duck (Bray)
  7. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (Brooklyn)
  8. minibar by josé andrés (Washington DC)
  9. Schwa (Chicago)
  10. The French Laundry (Yountville)
  11. Yam’Tcha (Paris)

Challenge Accepted!

[Source: Eater | Via: Profashional]

Really not good that a big component of my summer vacation plans is contingent on getting reservations at #10. Also, there’s only been one restaurant that I’ve tried my hardest but was never able to get a reservations at. That would be Minibar by my man José Andrés. The fact that I’ve only been shut out of one restaurant before may have something to do with the fact that I haven’t yet tried the other 10 on this list. Something to aspire to!

You know what I think is really weird? The idea of grabbing your phone after popping out a baby (or watching your baby mama do it), clicking on the Facebook app and updating your status.

Yet it’s what I absolutely expect from every friend I have. I’ve been stalking my friend’s page hourly for the last couple of days waiting for a new message.

Now you may be saying, if they are your friend and you are that impatient why not just call them? Well I did just that the last time a friend of mine was past due. She picked up the phone all calm and sweet but apologized that she had to go because she was in the midst of a contraction and needed to concentrate (clearly a vote for getting the drugs). I was the one screaming. So now I wait for the Facebook updates.

Dear New-new job,

Even though you’re still the best job I’ve ever had, you need to cool it with all the blocked Internet sites. I mean, I have grudgingly accepted the fact that Tumblr has been deemed an “inappropriate” and thus blocked website – but Cablevision? I only wanted to access it to set my DVR to record the shows I’m missing by being at work late.

In the words of Stephanie Tanner: How rude!

I just don’t understand the airline industry.

Welp folks, with busy season in full swing it’s time for my annual practice of spending the couple of hours between getting home and sleeping to fantasize about post busy season vacations. Usually this fantasizing starts a little later in the year but this week I was bombarded with emails and texts about my sister’s upcoming graduation, as well as the annual in-law vacation in Vegas and my college roomie’s bachelorette party in North Carolina. So I figured it was time to get to work.  Here’s what I found out:

  1. Flying from New York to San Francisco to Vegas to San Francisco to New York: is approximately 6,000 miles and $400. *I tried out a lot of different options but I like this one the best (Ryan does not)
  2. Flying from New York to North Carolina and back for the bachelorette party weekend is approximately 1,000 miles and $450.
  3. Flying from New York to Atlanta to North Carolina to Atlanta to New York is approximately 2,300 miles and $250.

Hmm… airlines you think your ridiculous miles to $$$ ratio is possibly why your industry is always in trouble?

Also, pretty sad that in my couple of free hours today away from accounting I’ve spent it analyzing numbers. (Said in an Ursula voice:) Pathetic.