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Is when the security guard at your office building asks you how your Thursday night happy hour was. Not because you told him about it or even saw him yesterday, but just because he has come to expect that you went out to a bar because it was Thursday.

And you did.

Can we take a minute here to discuss how awesome Dallas (the tv series) is?

As I previously mentioned, one of my best childhood memories includes spending my Friday nights eating steak with a cream cheese based sauce while watching Dallas with my family (which really get to the root of my fatty foods and tvholicness). In the beginning I would just focus on shoveling food in my mouth and then run off to play with my Barbie dolls after I was done eating. But one night I didn’t leave. I remember my mom asking me if something was the matter and I responded with, “No, this looks interesting. I want to stay and watch.” They were so excited. But I was very young and looking back on it all I remember was JR was a bad man and somebody shot him in the series finale (very irritating!), Sue Ellen was married to one of the Ewing Brothers, they lived on a ranch and were very rich, and I thought this one actor was SOOO hot and was excited when he followed Bobby Ewing to Step by Step where he played Cody.

When the new Dallas series premiered I was really excited but I didn’t really want to watch it without first watching the earlier version. And that’s when I realized that there was a lot of the storyline that I missed – probably most of the 14-year-long series, especially since it started several years before I was born. So I started watching it. AND IT’S AWESOME!!!! Though I constantly forget that this takes place in the late 1970s and keep thinking, why don’t they just called so and so on their cell phone. But seriously, if you haven’t watched it – do it! Though I’m only on Season 2 so what do I know?

Although, there is already so much backstabbing, cheating, and implied (again – this is the late 1970s) sex (which is why it’s AWESOME) to make me think – what the hell were my parents doing letting me watch this stuff as a little kid?

And one last thought: Patrick Duffy, the early years, was H-O-T!!!!

The other weekend I saw the new Men in Black. I actually really liked it, except I didn’t get why they kept bringing up that Will Smith’s character joined MIB 15 years ago. Clearly the first movie didn’t come out that long ago since I remember seeing it in the movie theater. It must have been just 5 or so years ago, right? I spent the entire movie thinking it was so weird that they decided to accelerate the timeline.

Until I remembered that I was taught the MIB dance when I was a camp counselor. During my junior year in high school. 15 years ago. Damn, now I feel old.

Think Mamma Mia only replace Dancing Queen with Wannabe and Waterloo with Spice Up Your Life and “the story of a beautiful, talented girl and her best friends who get swept up in the obsession of today’s TV celebrity culture”. Please. The show will open at the Piccadilly Theatre on December 11. Don’t be ridiculous. Of course you want to see it. I’ll probably see it twice. You realise what happens if Viva Forever is a smash hit? In 50 years they’ll still be singing Say You’ll Be There; their music will be immortal. Am I delirious or just hung over? I can’t believe I just wrote that. So, you know, Viva Forever indeed.

The Spice Girls announced a stage production based on their songs. I WANT TO GO THERE. (via apsies)

Hyperventilating with excitement over here!