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A Restaurant a Week: Nougatine

Hey, 3 weeks of sticking to my new blogitty-blog goal, not bad. This week we are back in NYC at one of Jean-Georges. Nougatine was crazy nice but is still the Café Boulud to the Daniel, the Bouchon to the Per Se, the McDonald’s cheeseburger to the $26 Minetta Tavern Black Label Burger. So that being said, it was a little strange that Nougatine shared the same entrance way as Jean-Georges. I’m really just bringing this up so you won’t get confused. Both restaurants are located in the Trump International Hotel & Tower and there are signs for Jean-Georges everywhere, but Nougatine’s signage is mysteriously absent. That’s just to make you feel extra special!

We were probably the most annoying table there that night, first we held up the ordering process waiting for Ryan to appear (Ryan was having the weekend from hell, first with his iPhone being stolen, then after missing his train and catching a ride with a friend the car died in the middle of the highway… it was not a good weekend for him), then once everyone was there we said we wanted to share everything family style and we also needed to be out of there reasonably quick to make it to a Broadway play. But they handled every request very gracefully, did everything we asked, and we made it with a lot of time to spare to our play.

But onward to the food.

First up was an amuse bouche of homemade mozzarella and asparagus soup. I posted this picture to my foursquare check-in and immediately got comments asking what was that delicious-looking dish. It wasn’t just delicious-looking, there was a delicious-tasting factor going on as well.

As for our shared appetizers, there was:

Scallop Sashimi, Chipotle Mayo, Crispy Rice

Foie Gras Brule with a Strawberry Jam (We actually got two orders of this because it was readily agreed that my dad and I would fight to the death for as much as possible. This was true, even with two orders on the table we weren’t keen to be sharing.)

Soft Shell Crab with Sugar Snap Pea Remoulade This was the dish that put soft shell crab on the map for me, something that countless other restaurants (including French Laundry ~ though theirs was very good) were not able to do.

Watermelon and Goat Cheese Salad

And now you get a photo break because at this point I became so enamored of the food that I stopped taking pictures, but if you want suggestions, the table ordered 1) Caramelized Beef Tenderloin with Organic Carrots and Miso Mustard, 2) Pan Roasted Cod with Mashed Herbs and Lime Compote, and 3) Salmon Baked with Lemon Crumbs with Sweet Chili Glaze and Swiss Chard. I actually selected the Beef Tenderloin and Salmon but my favorite by far was the Cod ~ goes to show I don’t know my own taste buds.

HawaiiGurlinCT rating:  (4.5)

I conferred with my main adviser (read: Ryan) who offered up 4 stars. When I asked why not 5 he said that he wasn’t blown away with it like French Laundry. But, I added my little ume musubi (1/2 star) because it did get me to like soft shell crabs.


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