See that girl, watch that scene, diggin’ the dancing queen

I previously mentioned there were 2 reasons that yesterday’s #Elf4Health challenge got me excited… Here’s the second reason.

As I started practicing the steps to the chorus of Drive Me Crazy, I had a memory. A memory of the day when my (at the time) fiance found out my deep, dark secret. Up until that point Ryan knew that I had been a high school cheerleader (meaning we had to dance to hip-hop/pop songs during halftime) and performed in the most coveted hip-hop/pop dance group in the annual BC Asian culture show. And that most of my free time in college was taken up being one of the dance choreographers and teachers for our annual luau. I loved dancing. In other words, Ryan thought I could dance.

So there we were, trying not to trip over each other while following a ballroom dancing DVD we borrowed in order to learn steps for our wedding when Ryan threw up his hands in exasperation, yelling out “I don’t understand! It’s like you don’t have any rhythm.”

I was completely shocked. My jaw dropped and I stared at him for a long time, before answering, “of course I don’t have rhythm. I can’t hear the beats in the music. I’ve never had rhythm. I’m also tone deaf. How did you not know???” At which point he rattled off all those different dance teams or talent shows I had joined over the year. So I finally confessed something that I didn’t realize he had never known. “I practiced…. A LOT! Hours upon hours just to learn the choreographed dances steps. I learned them by counting out loud. 1 and 2 and 3 and 4…. Then when that was absolutely perfect, I added the music and memorized each dance step to the words in the songs. I can’t dance freestyle to save my life.”

I haven’t attempted to do a dance routine in almost a decade so it was a funny awakening to try to relearn the chorus of You Drive Me Crazy and remember just how much effort it had taken for me to learn steps like this the first time around. But also how much fun it was… Not going to lie, I woke up this morning and sang the song outloud while practicing my newly remembered dance several times through before deciding it was time to go to work.

And as for how Ryan’s and my wedding day dance turned out? We gave up trying to move to the beats, I memorized exact steps that could be strung together, and we went onto the dance floor, looked lovingly into each other’s eyes, and for 3 minutes or so, Ryan whispered which dance step he wanted to do next and I would perform my memorized mini-routine.

Afterwards someone came up to me and told me that it was so cute that we talked the entire time that we danced. I tried not to burst out laughing.

Elf 4 Health Challenge: Day 3 (Wednesday, November 28th)

Yesterday’s #Elf4Health got me totally on board with the holiday challenge for 2 reasons.

First, after trudging through my second day of work for the week while maintaining a low grade fever the last thing on my mind was working out… Instead, I was planning on patting myself on the back for not leaving for home right after lunch and reward myself by spending the evening lazying about in sweatpants. I did not give two craps about the fact that the Elf4Health challenge of the day was to try a new workout. Then, in the midst of my lazying about, while watching X-factor and in particular the God-awful and Britney Spears video (no – just no!!!!), I started to reminisce about the glory days of Baby… One More Time, Toxic, and even Lucky. And that’s when a light bulb went off in my mind. Sure, I’d burn a lot more calories by popping in that grueling P90x, but a low par workout was better than nothing. And so, I dug out the best dance video ever.

A video that (in VHS form) my college roommate and I would practice to over and over again in the worst god-forsaken craphole of an apartment. Years later I received the DVD version of the heavily-used and long since misplaced VHS of Darrin’s Dance Grooves but I never got around to even taking it out of the wrapper. Well, last night was the night. I ripped open the package and got started.

Surprise baby shower! Or the alternative title: there are people out there that don’t have a Facebook account?

Today we had a really awesome (if I do say so myself) surprise baby shower for one of my friends at work. We even got his VERY pregnant wife in on the surprise.
Boss: So you invited his wife?
Me: Yup! She’ll be here within the hour.
Boss: How’d you get her contact info?
Me: I messaged her on Facebook.
Boss: Huh? What does that mean?
Me: I’m friends with C on Facebook and he has it listed that he’s married to her on his page. So I clicked on her name and messaged her. We’ve been talking for a couple weeks now! She’s very sweet!
Boss: While I barely follow what you just said, you’re saying you found someone out of the blue and emailed them even though you guys don’t know each other?
Me: No! I met her that one time.
Boss: You mean our Halloween party?
Me: Yup.
Boss: When you were dressed as a vampire?
Me: Oh, that’s right! She probably doesn’t know what I look like!
Boss: So her only reference of you when you emailed her out of the blue is that you were a vampire with blood drooling down your face and fangs?
Me: You know, it’s really not as weird as it sounds!

cougartraining: The ONLY answer. When I first became Ryan’s friend he was in the “dangerous” zone. As this would never do, I made it my mission to train him. By the time we started dating he had made it to “safer” and is now firmly in “safest”… the boy can learn! Now we will work on getting him into “ultra safe” zone.


The ONLY answer.

When I first became Ryan’s friend he was in the “dangerous” zone. As this would never do, I made it my mission to train him. By the time we started dating he had made it to “safer” and is now firmly in “safest”… the boy can learn!

Now we will work on getting him into “ultra safe” zone.

Dear Dad,

I’m sorry, turns out I am not a $550 millionaire and will not be purchasing you the penthouse apartment in Chicago nor the one in NYC per your request.

Your non-millionaire daughter,


*I was SOOOO close. I had the first number!!!!