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(Pre)Christmas Vacation: Part 3 My New Years Resolution is to keep up to date on my blog so be ready to have your dashboard bombed

Grand Cayman Island


Seven years ago, Ryan and I took our first major vacation together, which happened to be a cruise through the Caribbean. I pretty much dictated everything that we were going to be doing for the week so I figured I had to agree to Ryan’s one request that we drive a “wave runner” boat. Driving a motorized boat actually sounded pretty horrible to me and I was secretly relieved when, on the day of our boat ride, our excursion got cancelled due to weather. No harm no foul and I kept my dislike for Ryan’s selected excursion a secret for the next 7 years.

Until this month, when we were peering over Holland America’s list of selected activities to do in the Grand Cayman Islands and he spotted the same “wave runner” activity. I sighed, ready to fake excitement once again. But as I read the same description that was there 7 years ago, I actually got really excited this time around. Snorkeling off a boat that I would get a chance to drive? What the hell was wrong with me? That sounded awesome. Turns out we were the only people that thought so as we showed up and learned that out of four or so cruise ships docked in the harbor, we were the only ones going out on the wave runners.


MEANING…. private tour! I tell you, it was one of the most fun excursions I have ever done. I just wish I had a waterproof camera to capture more of the day.



We went to two different snorkel spots, one spot to see amazing fish that didn’t have any qualms about nudging you as you swam by and to another spot with a shipwreck below. We were met at spot #2 by a tour group that kayaked out to the shipwreck and then snorkeled. Okay, that’s very ambitions and healthy of you all, but my wave runner ride was much better.


View of our first snorkel spot from the cruise ship

Mahogany Bay, Honduras


Our last stop before heading back to Ft. Lauderdale was an island off the coast of mainland Honduras called Roatan. We selected a hiking and archaeological tour which was less of a hike and more of a leisure stroll to play with the cutest animals imaginable. So on one hand, the tour was pretty much completely opposite of what I thought it would be, but on the other hand, CUTE ANIMALS.


Ryan really misses Whammers (our nickname for the most adorable night monkey ever).



That damn pesky Mayan calendar


Fresh bananas right off the tree


Supporting local businesses


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