I now live in a world where Ben Affleck has more oscars than Martin Scorsese, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Cary Grant…. combined.

This makes me sad.


My Oscar Thoughts

  • The E! “reporters” needs to stop asking the A-listers for their hair and make-up secrets as they walk the red carpet. You know what the answer is…. they have a slew of paid hair and make-up stylists.
  • I think it’s time that they invited NPH to host. I mean he’s not just in TV and on Broadway, he was in Smurfs…. AND Harold and Kumar.
  • Unpopular opinion: I REALLY loved the all-cast Les Miserables singing bonanza. I may have given it a standing ovation from my couch.
  • Speaking of Les Miserables… I spent the last three hours wondering when the heck Ryan Gosling married Anne Hathaway until I finally looked it up.
  • Sound of Music…. still the best EVERYTHING always….And I may have acted out every line from that scene (okay, there weren’t that many) as it was happening.
  • How is Kristen Stewart STILL so uncomfortable speaking in public.
  • Beards are in this season.
  • Every movie (and now awards show) that I have seen recently has included Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the casting.
  • Quvenzhane Wallis has more arm muscles than I do.
  • The difference in the public speaking skills of Michelle Obama versus every other presenter at the Oscars is astounding.

Busy season part 1 of 2 finished today which means I have time to weigh in on important matters. Results? A complete surprise to me but it’s chicken and waffles by a mile. It’s a McGriddle surprise in your mouth.

Busy season part 1 of 2 finished today which means I have time to weigh in on important matters.

Results? A complete surprise to me but it’s chicken and waffles by a mile. It’s a McGriddle surprise in your mouth.

Queen of the maple tree sap… it’s a work-in-progress title

Hello World! The last few days have been killer at work so you’d think I’d be smart and pass out for the night, but I’m so excited to tell you about my weekend, which started by us collecting sap. Yes, sap. So so so very cool.

I always wanted to put a tap in a maple tree, hang a bucket, collect some sap, and sample some homemade syrup but I figured I’d have to go all the way up to some far off farm in Vermont for it to happen when lo and behold ctbites had a post about Ambler Farm, a 200-year-old working farm in Wilton, CT that involves the community in its year-round activities INCLUDING collecting sap. I was sold! The premise is that you buy (or more accurately, rent) a tree for the season. The season starts with an introductory class that gives you the history of maple syruping (clearly making up terms as I go along) and a bucket. You find a tree, hang your bucket, and wait for the magic to begin. Then once a week (or more if you’d like), you go to pick up the sap that your bucket collected and dump it in the community collector bin and the staff (read: the farmer, his family and volunteers that get paid in dinners (so cute!)) makes it into syrup.

The day of our introductory class and tree picking was the day after Blizzard Nemo, which was actually fantastic because we got all dressed up in snow pants and went traipsing through waist high snow, or ankle deep snow until I totally walked off what was apparently a wall and found myself covered.



I think one of the spring events at the farm includes sheep shearing. Of course Ryan had to go pet them.


Time to pick our buckets!


So awesome! I may or may not have sampled some sap right out of the tree.


Come on bucket 64!


One week later…. we heard they had to empty the buckets on Thursday because there was so much accumulation, so this was only 2 days worth of sap. Pretty awesome. The reason I knew about the buckets being emptied earlier than expected is because Farmer Kevin writes us emails about the sap. He is so excited about it that it’s totally contagious I was in a boring meeting at work today and saw I had an email from him and it totally brightened my day.


The collection vats.

The staff was cooking batches of maple syrup when we showed up to drop off our bucket so we got to see the machine working AND sample some of the syrup right out of the vat. Oh my gosh I’ve never tasted anything so good!



Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god

So… I may have just signed up for the Hartford marathon. I had planned to all along, but figured I’d wait until I got further along in my training before actually biting the bullet. You know something a little more prolonged than my current running time of 31 minutes.

Once again I blame you, Tumblr. The Hartford marathon is actually the same weekend as the Chicago marathon that everyone on tumblr seems to be eagerly anticipating so I got all caught up in the excitement and before I knew it I was pounding out my 16-digit credit card number.

I thought about going all out and doing the Chicago one but since it’s during on of my busy times of the year, I figured it would be easier to stay close to home.

So there’s that.

Also, I bit the bullet and signed up for the Athena category even though I don’t appreciate being called out as a big girl for being over 150 pounds. One part of me thought: assholes. But the other part of me thought: you need all the help you can get!

And so the countdown begins: 235 days to go!

Last Week’s Food Recap

I haven’t been delinquent on posting my food recaps of the week, I’ve been delinquent on doing any sort of cooking at all, which is typical of me a couple weeks into my busy periods…. I throw my hands up in the air and give up, subsisting on bologna and cheese sandwiches and honey nut cheerios for dinner. It’s wonderful!… but not incredibly healthy so this past week I tried to cook up some dishes just so there would be some food going into my body that wasn’t covered in chemicals.

Roasted Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons – I saw the idea of grilled cheese croutons in tomato soup on pinterest and thought it was an amazing idea. That paired with the onslaught of Blizzard Nemo made this past week seem like the perfect time to try the recipe out. Except the recipe I repinned had forgotten to mention fresh tomatoes in their ingredient listing (I know, I know, should have figured out I needed it myself) and by the time I realized I didn’t have any fresh tomatoes for my roasted tomato soup, all stores were closed and the Connecticut Governor had ordered all cars off the road for the night. So first thing after the blizzard warning lifted on Saturday, I was off to Stop and Shop to pick up some tomatoes. Short story made long, the link above isn’t the recipe I followed, but seemed close enough AND has the added benefit of actually including tomatoes in the ingredient listing. Calorie count for 1 grilled cheese crouton: 34 calories; 1 C of roasted tomato soup: 257 calories

Chicken enchiladas with avocado cream sauce – The avocado cream sauce is to die for. The only different I made was to swap in low fat greek yogurt for sour cream. I froze the enchiladas I didn’t eat on the first night in individually wrapped non-stick foil and took them to work for the rest of the week. The avocado cream sauce started losing some of its pretty color as the days went by but still continued to taste wonderful. Calorie count for 1 enchilada: 598 calories

Turnip Gratin with Parmesan – this was off of a cookbook I bought called A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen by Jack Bishop. I’ve made about 10% of the recipes in the book so far and each are equally awesome so I suggest you buy the book! Calorie count for 1 C of Turnip-Gratin with Parmesan: 230 calories

Roasted Jalapeno Cheese Sauce with Sliced Bread – I blame Nemo for a disasterously unhealthy week of eating. This recipe actually is a soft-pretzel and cheese dip recipe, but 1) baking and me are not good friends and 2) nope, one is pretty much it… so I just went with slicing up a french baguette to dip in the sauce. My one comment is that the recipe said to grate my own cheese. All 8 ounces of it. So I did. And it was messy. And it took FOREVER. So next time, I plan on just buying pre-shredded cheddar cheese. Calorie count for 1 T of the cheese dip: 39 calories