I missed the VMAs last Sunday but after all the Miley Cyrus and N’sync talk I taped a rerun of it and watched it yesterday (#CrazyFridayNight). Not going to lie. I cried watching N’sync. After making Ryan’s arm go numb for squeezing it too hard during the performance.

I missed the VMAs last Sunday but after all the Miley Cyrus and N’sync talk I taped a rerun of it and watched it yesterday (#CrazyFridayNight).

Not going to lie. I cried watching N’sync. After making Ryan’s arm go numb for squeezing it too hard during the performance.


One week two oceans #Inolongerwork #SandysHawaii #SurfsideNantucket

My trip back home in pictures!

The problem with visiting Hawaii is that it usually takes me a month to get over being homesick. My mom moved to Washington a couple years ago after spending most of her life in Hawaii and made the same comment on this trip… so at least it’s not just me.

But back tracking to the beginning of the trip, I sprinted off the plane and hightailed it to downtown Honolulu for my Aunt and Uncle’s surprise 50th wedding anniversary. Holy heck that’s impressive! #RoleModels

They aren’t big fans of their pictures up on social media sites so I cropped them out of the below shot, but wow they looked GOOD! I think they are drinking the Benjamin Button cool-aid or something where they get more awesome looking as they age (although I’m sorry but that Button movie was one of the most boring things I ever had to sit through…)


My grandmother’s situation being what it was, I didn’t have days upon days free, but there was more than enough time to visit with family, high school friends and college friends (now residing in Hawaii).


I’m absolutely in love with my college friend’s children. Wonder if she’d mind me keeping them…

There was a buzzfeed article titled 38 Problems Only People from Hawaii Will Understand that circulated around facebook this week and problem #5 related to giving directions with a joke about using the third mango tree and menehune (think Hawaiian leprechauns) as part of the description. But this is so true! Our instructions for finding each other for our picnic at Kapiolani park included things like – “second mauka parking lot by the big bathrooms and then down to the large trees…” Not sure if there was a point to this story. To summarize, I am going to kidnap my friend’s children and not entirely related to that, buzzfeed had a funny but accurate article that I have read no less than 6 times since Monday.

Now you can’t expect me to not post pictures of food right? That’s not me at all.


ANGER!!!! As I finished up my post and was about to press publish, Tumblr decided to erase half of what I wrote. So that was fun. But here’s hoping I’ll be a little less long-winded the second time around (I wouldn’t count on it).

Upper left: Shrimp scampi from Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck – their main menu has 4 items and 3 are shrimp. Go there. Eat the shrimp! Nuff said.

Middle left: Fukuya’s – Ryan’s favorite place ever. I took the picture to send to him as a taunt. He was not amused.

Lower left: fabulous in-laws served up Hawaiian food for me while graciously letting me stay with them. The lau lau (protein wrapped in taro leaves) is not super photogenic, but was so good!

Upper right: Mitch’s sushi – possibly the best sushi on the island. This photo was not of a multiple-person-sharing plate. This was mine. Not everything I ate made it into the picture. In other news, I was shocked to find out I gained weight on this trip.

Lower right: Kokonuts shave ice – best place on the island for shave ice – Obama approved.


Scenes of Hawaii (last pics I promise!):

Upper left: my running route

Lower left: these warning signs are no joke as i snapped this picture right after the lifeguard had to save a girl who didn’t realize how strong the under current was and was not able to make it back to shore.

Upper right: view of Kaimana beach during my dinner in Waikiki.

Lower right: a stop at Kailua beach park in order to gorge myself on my last meal of the trip (pancakes from Boots and Kimo – amazing!) led to me also watching the start of a men’s canoe race. A perfect ending to the trip!

Hi All! I have some pretty big news. I recently fell into a large sum of money and have therefore decided to retire at the ripe old age of 31 in order to jet set around the world, become a woman of leisure and a lady who lunches. But mostly I will finally be able to achieve my dream job of being a stay at home mother (to furballs) who has a nanny, personal chef, and housekeeper.

Okay, not really.

But since my Hawaii trip came up at the last minute after I had already planned and paid for a 4-day-weekend getaway to Nantucket, despite whines from co-workers that I do not show up to work anymore (whatever jealous peeps) and also due to the fact that I’m sitting on a boatload of vacation days (thanks to being worked to death in the beginning half of the year), after putting in a grueling 3 days at the office this week, I’m on vacation again starting from tomorrow. It’s a hard life but someone’s gotta do it.

I’m also still jet-lagged from Hawaii, so despite the fact that my alarm is going off in 4 hours in order for us to start our drive up to Cape Cod, I am wide-awake and blathering on and on about nothing.

In addition to the blathering, I also made a bunch of photo collages out of pictures from Hawaii so be prepared for image overload in 3-2-1!

“Good that the giants were playing the red sox so at least [bro-in-law] got to see a good team. final score was 7-0, red sox.” -My mother-in-law

Red Sox Nation always and forever!

My (biological) big sister

When I was 20 years old I found out a shocking truth about my family. I was not my parents first born child. I was the one born years after their marriage, after their college degrees were earned, after they were both employed, after they had purchased their first home. But before then, there had also been a baby girl, born 12 years earlier. Born to two struggling kids without a cent to their name, only just starting to date, and with parents of their own that probably would have (had they ever found out) forbidden them from the path they felt was the best one to take: giving the child up for adoption.

For 32 years my mother had wondered about that baby girl, and so, one summer day before I headed back to my senior year of college, the two of us went down to the government offices to start a search. (And in life making a full circle, a couple years later my mom headed back to the agency to help my little sister find her own birth parents, albeit a much harder task involving a trip that took them to Korea and various translators.)

It had been a closed adoption but the state reached out to my biological sister and gave her my mom’s contact information, and she eventually called. Having grown up with two fantastic parents of her own, my sister had decided to never look for her biological parents, but after being contacted she got curious. And when she found out about me, she wanted to meet me! So when I was back in Hawaii for Christmas, I got to meet her. And she was fantastic. Chances are she is such a bubbly and open person that she makes anyone feel like they are her sister, but from the very beginning, I just felt like she was family. We haven’t had that much interaction over the years stemming from the 5,000 miles difference and the fact that my trips home are usually jammed packed, but when we do get the chance to get together, it feels so comfortable. Just like it did on Monday night when I met up with her and her daughter for a night out at Dave and Busters. It had been 7 years since we had gotten together and I was terrified. Would it be awkward? Would she hate me? I cursed the fact that I was on antibiotics and therefore couldn’t down a shot to calm my nerves. And then they appeared and it was a fantastic night. Just like it was the last time we were together, on my wedding day, when her daughter was the 3-year-old flower girl in my wedding that was so worried that frogs would jump on my dress (there were no frogs around). And now here she was, 10 years old, and doing math better than I was.



Stupid closed eyes… oh well.