Things I wish I knew this morning:

That my Company was one of the only ones in the Corporate building closed for the day after Thanksgiving. Might have made me rethink showing up to the office in pink (tasteful!) pajamas and uggs. Got a lot of weird looks by people in suits riding the elevator with me.

Whatever suckers, I just gained myself an extra PTO day while mosying around in my pajamas. I think I also may have parked my gas-guzzling SUV in a hybrid-only parking spot. Whoops! Come on no ticket!!!


How to Order Butterbeer at Your Local Starbucks

Over the last few days on facebook and tumblr I kept seeing post after post of how you can get butterbeer at Starbucks. I was ecstatic! So ecstatic that I rounded up a group of colleagues to walk over to our nearest Starbucks for a taste of that fabulous concoction yesterday afternoon.

The line was long but we finally made our way to the front and excitedly asked for a butterbeer. The employees were dumbfounded and we were devastated. To give the Starbucks employees their due, they felt so bad that they comp’d us a couple free coffees. Nice!

Meanwhile, later on last night I found the above article explaining what exactly you should order from Starbucks in order to get your butterbeer fix.

I guess it was all for the best anyway as I’m an idiot and didn’t realize that butterbeer from starbucks was probably made from coffee. As part of this new health regiment I’m following, I have given up drinking large quantities of caffeine. So I probably won’t be going back to order the Grande Frappucino. Boo hiss! Guess it looks like I’ll be spending my weekend making my own butterbeer!

I ended up on linked-in this morning scrolling through the list of “People You May Know” and noticed the CFO of my former company was there…. And had included his title as “Cheif Financial Officer.”

I. just. can’t.

I got tagged on Facebook to spill 9 facts about me that you may or may not know, so I figured I’d repost it here since I am lazy and don’t post anymore (working on changing this!!!)

1. I truly believe I am a descendant of royalty. As in I’ve spent needless money on attempting to prove this out. So far I’ve only found potato farmers and rice farmers in my family tree… but I’m not giving up.
2. I have 3 cats. The third cat was adopted after a pet psychiatrist (giving out free advice – I didn’t actually pay to see one) told us that our girl cat was depressed because our boy cat wanted to play with her too much so we needed an additional boy cat to bring peace to our household.
3. This past weekend I went to the Giants v. Packers game. They brought a military spouse and her daughter onto the field to honor her on behalf of her husband’s service to our country. Then they started playing, “I’m coming home” and announced that Christmas came early this year as her husband was coming home earlier than expected AND THEN he ran out onto the field to be reunited with his family. I started crying hysterically and the guy next to me looked over and muttered, “there’s no crying in football.” Also… I may be crying again just typing this.
4. The summer before I left for college my dad was terrified that I didn’t know how to cook anything, so every Sunday we had a standing cooking class. To give him his due, he is an amazing cook and therefore our “classes” entailed me learning how to make things like lobster bisque from scratch. At the time I didn’t know how to make scrambled eggs or mac and cheese from the box, but I went to college equipped with the knowledge of how to make lobster bisque.
5. I married my high school classmate Ryan, however as we didn’t really know each other that well in high school, I first caught his eye when my mom and I sat in the airplane seats right in front of him and his mom on the flight up to Boston freshman year and he noticed that I spent the entire time playing Sim City 2000 on my computer. He was impressed. We became best friends and ended up traveling to London together for spring break one year. At which time, I peaked his interest of being more than just friends by being completely dominant at his new Super Mario Land Gameboy Game.
6. I went to the NY Renaissance Faire this year. I decided that I felt left out by not being decked out in costume so I quickly ordered renaissance costume pieces and went back to the Faire this year, in full costumed attire.
7. I’ve lived in New England for 15 years and yet still have not grown accustomed to the winters to the point where I am already rocking a winter jacket recommended for use on exhibitions to Antarctica.
8. I was born and raised in Hawaii and yet I cannot speak pidgin to save my life. For those of you not from Hawaii, this is actually probably my most embarrassing fact on here.
9. I was a cheerleader in high school that didn’t even get to the Varsity squad. Yet, get me drunk now and I still may perform some cheers. I take back #8, this is clearly my most embarrassing fact.