22 weeks pregnant and 15 hour work days may make me less than sweet as when I came home to my garage being blocked by a car and a perfectly good visitor parking spot open, did I simple park in the visitor spot right next to my condo and call it a night? No, I leaned against the hood of my card and turned on my car alarm until the poor scared guy ran out to move his car full of apologies. Oh well, I will focus on being a nicer human being… Tomorrow.


Me: What if we have to move to Michigan?! How will I survive? It’s soooo cold there!


Me: You know… in case our child is an ice dancing protegee. Everyone trains in Michigan. We’ll have to move there!


Whatever, it’s not like me having a child in love with ice dancing is completely unheard of as this has become a nightly occurrence:

Seriously! Sushi is enthralled by it!