When I was younger, I wish someone had told me straight-up that not all adults experience “a calling”. That many of them never find particular purpose in a career. That sometimes, their job is just what pays the bills and they have to seek satisfaction and fulfillment elsewhere.

Because as an adult, this pervasive notion that there exists a perfect path for everyone, that people should love what they do, and that work is meant to function as a vehicle for fulfilling a person’s grand life destiny is not only inaccurate for many of us, it can be toxic.

The ideal is so ingrained that I have to remind myself constantly I’m not a failure because I don’t adore my job, and because I’m not rocking the world with my work. That is okay.

Sometimes, work is just work. There isn’t always a perfect career path, magically waiting to be discovered. There might not be this THING you were born to do. Sometimes, you discover that what you really want to be when you grow up is “paid”.

THIS. I often daydream about how it would feel to end up doing what you love instead of what was the least boring subject to me in college.

Or I could send my resume to Joel Mchale and the Soup and try to live my dream of critiquing bad TV for the soup (is that even still on?)

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The wife of Ryan’s best friend did something horrible to me (and Ryan) years ago. Ryan always maintained that she was dumb and clueless and didn’t realize what she did was bad. I always maintained that she was a

 but for the sake of Ryan’s brother from another mother and keeping the peace, I let it go. But now that the best friend is getting a divorce he’s spilled the beans on the fact that ex-wifey poo REALLY didn’t like us. So now I’m all like

but also

Ryan meanwhile is still having trouble grasping that the girl he wrote off as an idiot years ago might actually have created an evil mastermind plot to mess with us before she even knew us.

Which means I just keep running around all like

They are apparently filming a movie in front of Emma’s daycare. The scene is supposed to take place in New York City.

Ummm…. I know I’ve been away from NY for almost 5 months, but last I’ve checked downtown Honolulu looks nothing like NYC.

Although the scaffolding put up around the (actual) Irish Pub and the yellow cabs they’ve brought in definitely make me homesick for the Big Apple…. I know I know… I was always an impostor living it up in cheaper CT.