Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Happy New Years!!!


Happy New Years from Spam and me!  Okay, I think it’s past new years in California by this point, so old fogy me is ready for sleep now…

It seems like all the girls out there have blogs where they take pictures of themselves and list where their outfit is from…   and it’s always designer brands.  I find it interesting but I always laugh to myself because if I ever did that it would be a love letter to target, gap, and old navy.  So in honor of the new year I thought I’d make fun of my utter lack of “impressive” clothing, and post my outfit in all of its non-designer glory.

Red knit sweater dress – Victoria Secret (bought during clearance sale over the summer and had to wait until it got cold again to wear it)

Black leggings – weekenders line (a hand me down from my mother)

Necklace – I got it from my mom for Christmas.  It’s called “Footnotes, words worth mentioning” and has Mark Twain’s quote:  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.  I figured it was appropriate to ring in the new year with this.

Shoes: Payless $6.99 holiday special bought for my company holiday party 2 years ago

New Years Resolutions…

I just finished my new years resolutions but as I doubt anyone would be interested in hearing that I resolve to take my vitamins on a daily basis, I decided to fill in the blanks on the New Years Resolution sheet that Julia Allison posted instead.

One thing I will learn: a new language (but we are talking very rudimentary skills here).

One place I will go:  Visit NYC and surrounding CT areas more, I can’t believe I have lived in CT for 4 years and have probably only seen 10% of the state.  And it’s a small state.

One physical habit I will break: Biting my nails until they hurt (happens when stressed)

One physical habit I will cultivate:  Being more hygienic… let’s just leave it at that.

One mental habit I will break: Having a lot of negative thoughts about people, places, things, etc.

One mental habit I will cultivate: Being a positive person… goes hand in hand with the above resolution… but that’ll just make it doubly effective 🙂

One home repair I’ll finally get around to: Repainting bathroom.  Gave up on this in 2006… really should get back to it!

One work habit I will change: Procrastinating until the last minute and then getting super stressed (hence, nail biting!)

One thing I’ll throw out: Clothes I think are dorky or too slutty (yes, I bought them… don’t know what I was thinking) so I won’t wear but I keep in my closet anyway

A second thing I’ll throw out: My “wish” box of clothes (aka all my favorite clothes that don’t fit me any more).  This will only happen AFTER I lose my 30 lbs and try them on and then realize that I think they are dorky too.

One thing I’ll eat more often: Vegetables

One thing I’ll eat less: spray cheese and sauces plain (e.g. without food) ~ yes, I’m gross.

One thing I’ll drink more: water (exactly what else was supposed to go here?)

One thing I’ll drink less: Alcohol, at least not to the point where I get sick.  Hangovers were so 2008!

One thing I’ll spend less money on: Clothes, sorry VS, you’re on your own this year.

One other change I’ll make in my finances: Buy less “entertainment/media” items – aka stop stopping at amazon.com on a near daily basis.

One thing I’ll spend less time doing: Television (ooh, this is going to be difficult, I have an addiction)

And a thing I’ll spend more time doing: seeing the world (aka stepping foot outside my house)

One resolution I’ve made before but will honor this time because I really do believe that with a little effort life can be better: Exercise more…. or at all.

**I deleted all the sappy, deep, thought-provoking questions…. I mean, whose blog did you think this was?  Please, I post pictures of lolcats and me eating food.  Emotional baggage is not welcome here.