New Years Resolutions…

I just finished my new years resolutions but as I doubt anyone would be interested in hearing that I resolve to take my vitamins on a daily basis, I decided to fill in the blanks on the New Years Resolution sheet that Julia Allison posted instead.

One thing I will learn: a new language (but we are talking very rudimentary skills here).

One place I will go:  Visit NYC and surrounding CT areas more, I can’t believe I have lived in CT for 4 years and have probably only seen 10% of the state.  And it’s a small state.

One physical habit I will break: Biting my nails until they hurt (happens when stressed)

One physical habit I will cultivate:  Being more hygienic… let’s just leave it at that.

One mental habit I will break: Having a lot of negative thoughts about people, places, things, etc.

One mental habit I will cultivate: Being a positive person… goes hand in hand with the above resolution… but that’ll just make it doubly effective 🙂

One home repair I’ll finally get around to: Repainting bathroom.  Gave up on this in 2006… really should get back to it!

One work habit I will change: Procrastinating until the last minute and then getting super stressed (hence, nail biting!)

One thing I’ll throw out: Clothes I think are dorky or too slutty (yes, I bought them… don’t know what I was thinking) so I won’t wear but I keep in my closet anyway

A second thing I’ll throw out: My “wish” box of clothes (aka all my favorite clothes that don’t fit me any more).  This will only happen AFTER I lose my 30 lbs and try them on and then realize that I think they are dorky too.

One thing I’ll eat more often: Vegetables

One thing I’ll eat less: spray cheese and sauces plain (e.g. without food) ~ yes, I’m gross.

One thing I’ll drink more: water (exactly what else was supposed to go here?)

One thing I’ll drink less: Alcohol, at least not to the point where I get sick.  Hangovers were so 2008!

One thing I’ll spend less money on: Clothes, sorry VS, you’re on your own this year.

One other change I’ll make in my finances: Buy less “entertainment/media” items – aka stop stopping at on a near daily basis.

One thing I’ll spend less time doing: Television (ooh, this is going to be difficult, I have an addiction)

And a thing I’ll spend more time doing: seeing the world (aka stepping foot outside my house)

One resolution I’ve made before but will honor this time because I really do believe that with a little effort life can be better: Exercise more…. or at all.

**I deleted all the sappy, deep, thought-provoking questions…. I mean, whose blog did you think this was?  Please, I post pictures of lolcats and me eating food.  Emotional baggage is not welcome here.